Bug Fixes - July 7

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Bug Fixes - July 7

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Here's the latest batch of bug fixes, released today! Please let us know if they're still not working as expected!

Favorites and least favorites not working on profile
Exactly as the title says, viewing the top and bottom ratings on your own profile, or that of another user, wasn't working properly. Now it is!

0.000 TCIs being generated
There was a mistake that was leading some users to have Top TCIs of "0.0000". These were obviously invalid, and the mistake in the code that was creating them has been found and patched up.

Title type missing on mobile
For whatever reason, we were just not showing this information box on mobile. Like, whether it's a TV Series, TV Mini-Series, Short Film, etc

Open Pagination Links in New Tab
We had been using buttons instead of anchors when displaying pagination links. This prevented some things that browsers do by default for links -- such as right-click to open in a new tab, or "copy link address".

Recommendation by date error
Silly error where we were considering films from 2010 and beyond, for the category "2020 and beyond".

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