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Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:05 pm
by philamental

So here it is, my Xmas present to you all ... the Image Game Tournament 2017 ... the ultimate Image Game challenge! The tournament will test the cinematic knowledge of all you self proclaimed film buffs to your limit with selections from many different movie genres and eras. Think of it as the equivalent to Mr Han's tournament in Enter the Dragon which gathered the best fighters from all around the world ... but with Images from Films instead of you guys beating each other up ... *ahem*

Before I lose anyone who isn’t a fan of the current Image Game format, this tournament plays significantly differently to the long standing Image Game thread, so keep reading to see if it might be more your thing.

How the Tournament will work ***RULES UPDATED 2ND JAN***

In basic terms I will be posting multiple images from chosen feature films every day for the month of January and you guys have to guess them. Unlike the current game, I will be the only one posting images, so all the players have to do is guess. But it’s obviously more complicated than that so I’ll try and break it down as follows ...

Each ‘round’ consists of at most 4 images from a single movie. Each time an image is posted, ALL players are allowed to take ONE guess at the identify of the movie VIA CRITICKER DIRECT MESSAGE. If 15 players correctly guess the movie, the round ends and a new one begins when the next image is posted. If 15 players do not guess correctly, the round continues with the next image from the same movie. After four images are played the next round will start regardless of how many correct answers have been played.

In the event that more than 15 players guess correctly during the same active window, all players who were correct will score points.

In an attempt to be fair to all players, Images will be played at the same three times every day and will remain ‘active’ and in play until the next one is posted. Because of the DM system, there is no advantage to being ‘first’, so a correct guess sent hours after the image is posted has the same value as one sent after a few minutes. The three daily image windows are as follows

Window 1 (8 hrs): Image is posted at 10.00 GMT (05.00 EST, 02.00 PST) and stays active until
Window 2 (4 hrs): Image is posted at 18.00 GMT (13.00 EST, 10.00 PST) and stays active until
Window 3 (12 hrs): Image is posted at 22.00 GMT (17.00 EST, 14.00 PST) and stays active until Window 1 reopens.

How the Scoring will work

Correct answers on the first image from a movie are worth 4 points
Second images are worth 3 points
Third images are worth 2 points
Fourth images are worth 1 point

All players are allowed one incorrect guess per round. Subsequent guesses will each incur a minus one point penalty.

Also in keeping with the theme of the tournament a secondary scoring system will take place as follows ...

Each time an image is posted, if a single player sends a correct answer within the active window, the Rebels score a point. If no correct answers are sent during the window, Darth Philamental’s army of Images score a point ...

EDIT 4TH JAN ... and now all player incorrect answers result in a point for the Images!

Let’s see who will triumph in this epic month long battle!

The Leaderboards

At the end of each round (ie when moving on to the next movie) a confirmation of the players who scored points during the round will be posted. Cumulative Weekly Leaderboard updates will then be posted every Saturday morning to let everyone see the scoring progression and how they are doing overall against the other players. The final Leaderboard will be posted on the 1st of February when the Tournament winner will be revealed and crowned.

Other Rules and Points for Consideration

The Tournament starts at 10am GMT on Sunday Jan 1st 2017 and concludes at 10am GMT on Weds 1st Feb 2017.

Guesses must NOT be posted to the forums like in the original game. I can not stress this enough. They MUST be submitted to me via criticker DIRECT MESSAGE. (To send a Direct Message, click my profile and 'send Darth Phil a message' is right under my avatar). I have discussed this with mpowell who has agreed to thread or even site ban offenders depending on the severity of the case.

Active images/rounds can be discussed in the Discussion Thread so long as the answers aren't posted or clues aren't given. It is however ok to speculate your thoughts if you wish "e.g. this one is really frustrating me. It's reminiscent of Lubezki but I can't place it."

Only one guess per image is permitted per player. Multiple guesses sent for a single image will result in that player being excluded from the rest of the round and a minus three point penalty will be incurred. If you realise the correct answer after you have already guessed, you must wait until the next image is posted before guessing again.

Any method you can use to identify the active movie is permitted. Google Search all you want. I have verified that every single image that will be posted does not show up on Google Image Search, so with that potential game breaker out of the way, use all the detective skills available to you. Have fun with it!

EDIT 31st DEC The MAJORITY BUT NOT ALL of the selected movies have a minimum of 500 criticker ratings (click the film profile and scroll down to bottom of the reviews column) Any movie that doesn't meet that criteria is a well known and/or classic film that everyone here is aware it's existence.

EDIT 1st JAN If the film is from a series or franchise the specific film must be named. Merely guessing 'Harry Potter' will not suffice if the specific answer is 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'.

EDIT 1st JAN I can confirm that many of the movies selected are deliberately ones that I have not rated yet on criticker so you can't use my ratings as way to narrow your selections I'm afraid! ;)

If I screw up during the month, deal with it. If I post an image unintentially from a directors cut or something like that, it's accidental. If my personal life results in an image being delayed or being missed out entirely then it's out of my control but I'll make every effort to avoid this or at least communicate the situation.

I will reply to all correct answers via DM before the next image is posted if the round is continuing. If you do not receive a DM reply to your guess, you can take it that you were wrong.

Any further rule changes will be amended in this original post and referenced in the latest post of this thread and also in the discussion thread.

For any questions, comments or discussion, please post in the Discussion Thread here ...

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:09 am
by philamental
And so it begins ...

Round 1 Image 1

Reminder that guesses must be DM'd to me and NOT posted here.

This image is active until the next image is posted at 18.00 GMT (13.00 EST, 10.00 PST)

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:01 pm
by philamental
There was one correct answer for Image 1

Round 1 Image 2

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:01 pm
by philamental
No further correct answers for Image 2

Round 1 Image 3

This image will remain active for the next 12 hrs

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:12 am
by philamental
Ok so I'm ending the first round early as someone has posted the answer in the discussion thread. All players who have submitted correct answers will score points. There were a few incorrect guesses as well but I won't deduct points for this round seeing as those players will miss out on the chance to recover them. Apologies to those who missed the last hour of the window.

Aside from this I'm making the following changes to the rules

* Rounds will now last 4 images rather than 5. (The points won per image have been adjusted accordingly)
* 15 correct answers ends the round early (original rule is being reinstated)
* All players are now allowed 1 incorrect answer per round. All subsequent incorrect answers incur a one point deduction.

To be clear, it's still one guess allowed per image.
I'll update the original post with the new rules asap.

So Round 1 was A Beautiful Mind (2001)

4 pts - Victoriouz
2 pts - cet1412, dunbar, brickwall, 3dRevelation

Well done to you all

In the Images vs Rebels battle it's Images 1 - Rebels 2

Round 2 Image 1

This image will remain active until 18.00 GMT (13.00 EST, 10.00 PST)

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:07 pm
by philamental
There were 3 correct guesses and 1 incorrect guess for Image 1

Round 2 Image 2

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:01 pm
by philamental
Another 5 correct answers (totaling 8) after the second image.

Round 2 Image 3

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:00 am
by philamental
Apologies for the delay. First day back at work and I have to deal with a complete system failure ... :?

There were another 4 correct answers after the third image (total now of 12) and a further incorrect guess.

With no points deduction for your first incorrect guess, you might as well have a wild guess as you've nothing to lose with the next one.

Round 2 Image 4 (Final Image of the round)

Image remains active until the round closes at 18.00 GMT (13.00 EST, 10.00 PST)

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:37 pm
by philamental
Still having serious work issues so I have to post the next image now or I won't be able to get online for a few hrs.

The answer to Round 2 was The Good The Bad & The Ugly (1966)

4 pts - igormachete, dunbar, snallygaster
3 pts - maaxwell, brickwall, bowfinger, bojangles, rklenseth
2 pts - CMonster, cet1412, 3dRevelation, mattorama12
1 pt - CosmicMonkey

A good round for the Rebels so it's now Images 1 - Rebels 6

Round 3 Image 1

Re: Image Game Tournament 2017 - MAIN THREAD - DO NOT POST HERE

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:14 pm
by philamental
4 correct answers for image 1

Round 3 Image 2