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Introducing Myself

Post by NoSex »

You know the score:

Alright, my name is Nate.


I'm a twenty year old film enthusiast (duh) who lives in North West Indiana. I just began my degree in Philosophy. My end game has something to do with a Ph.D and teaching a course called "Philosophy of Film." Currently I'm battling myself over finding money for text-books and fitting in all my extra-media obsessions (comic books, film, TV on DVD, and philosophical texts). I'm infatuated with the ghost of David Hume and everything he haunts. I don't believe in love, am a cynic, and think highly of myself. I'm a hard-determinist and this makes further philosophical discourse - in a consistent frame - nearly impossible. When people hear that I am a hard determinist with a strong aversion to religiosity, they suspect I'm defective or have a sadness sickness - nothing could be further from the truth. I'm probably the happiest person I know. Everything is meaningless, and we're nothing blah blah blah I like movies. I have a particular affection for Jean-Luc Godard, and David Lynch (however typical that may be). I play in a hardcore punk band that likes circus music and jazz (or something). I scream and I think it's ruining my speaking/singing voice (which were never that great to begin with). I like pretty music now, more than I ever have. I like to swim naked. I don't have a car or a driver's license. I consider myself a socialist. I want very badly to be a professional swing dancer. I don't believe in ghosts or goblins, although, I do very much enjoy hunting them. I write a blog.

I'm devilishly handsome.

That's sort of who I am; who are you?

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Re: Introduce Yourself: "I'm into leather."

Post by cagedwisdom »

This post was unbelievably stupid so I deleted it.
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Re: Introduce Yourself: "I'm into leather."

Post by Scottathon »

My name is Scott.


(on the right)

I keep to myself most of the time. I'm 21 and am most of the way through a computer science degree. The more I learn about the field, the less I want to be a part of it. I plan on continuing with it though, as the money seems alright, and I don't really hate it. I seem to really identify with Peter from Office Space, or at least, right after he gets hypnotized. One of my main aspirations is to do absolutely. Not this fishing-with-his-girlfriend nonsense that he did during the montage sequence, but the staying in bed all day kind of nothing.

I live with my parents, mostly out of convenience. The university I attend is a five minute drive away, so there's no real reason to leave. I sort of stagnated socially after high school ended, which is kind of a shame. In high school, I played keyboard in a bass/guitar/drum combo that played video game music exclusively. We were called the Digital Funk Police, and we could belt out a mean Mega Man 7 medley. One of my fondest memories is the time we got a standing ovation from 500 people after finishing our set at the local battle of the bands.

My interests in film are mostly in passively watching them. I'm taking a few film classes to satisfy my arts requirements, and I am enjoying them, but I imagine that I'll do fairly shitty in them. I'm a big digital packrat. As such, I have thousands of unwatched downloaded films strewn about on hard drives throughout my room, and I download them at a rate such that I'll never see but a fraction of them.

I lived in Ottawa from January to August, and I probably knocked a thousand hours off the projector's bulb in the basement of the IBM lab in which I worked. I'm back in Fredericton, NB now, which totally slays Ottawa in terms of not sucking.

I guess that's it?

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Re: Introduce Yourself: "I'm into leather."

Post by KGB »

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Re: Introduce Yourself: "I'm into leather."

Post by Quicky »


Hey there, my name is Tijl.

I'm a 23-year old guy living in the Netherlands where I'm trying to become an astronomer. I was born and raised in Belgium until I moved to the Netherlands for my studying. Aside from studying I do some photography once in a while, especially on vacation (see picture above, taken by myself when I was on a 7-day hiking trip in Finland on my own). Furthermore I also play volleyball twice a week. Most of all however, I'm quite the computer geek. I love calculating stuff, especially things no one thinks are interesting or will be useful, and I'm obsessed with lists, especially lists of music and movies.

My iTunes database holds 15,000 songs and is governed by a complex set of smart playlists that generates a master playlist providing me with some recent podcasts, as well as music I love. I'm especially a big fan of Jean-Michel Jarre, closely followed by Dj Tiësto and Mike Oldfield. In general I'm mostly into music without lyrics, i.e. electronic music, new age, classical. Nevertheless, I also love Björk, Portishead, Sarah Brightman, and KoRn.

I've always enjoyed watching movies, but it was only when I started with my QMDB project three years ago, that I really started to watch films from an artistic point of view as well instead of merely for entertainment. In these three years my QMDB project grew from a simple list of movies with a lot of oscars, to a 3,000-lines-of-code program that generates movie recommendation lists from several parameters including Criticker PSI's, IMDB ratings, keywords, directors, actors and more. It has been my passion to extract useful information in the form of numbers from a concept as abstract as movies. In general the films I love most are the ones that leave me thinking when I go to bed, falling asleep with images from the movie still going through my head, wondering about what I saw...

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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by mpowell »

I've made this topic sticky, and changed the name ... not that we're not into leather! Just don't want to scare newbies too much.

Hi. We're Mike and Juergen.

I'm an American and Juergen is German. We met in Boston about 8 years ago, and since then have lived in Berlin (Germany), Western Ireland and currently Valencia (Spain). I'm a native of Minnesota, but did most of my growing up in Ohio where I studied Computer Science at Ohio University, in Athens. Juergen grew up in Darmstadt, Germany (close to Frankfurt) and is a professional photographer.

We started Criticker when my then-employer began laying off its workers without restraint or remorse. With time on our hands, we embarked on a project with the aim of matching users that had the same taste. The idea actually came when my mom appeared to me in a dream, complaining about the fact that no critic shared her taste in movies, so "why should I listen to them?" Then she turned into a vampire and bit my head off. Over a period of months, we developed and eventually released -- albeit a version barely unrecognizable to users today.

Currently, we spend a ton of time on Criticker, but we're also at work on other (more lucrative) projects, such as ( an Ebay tool and our true breadwinner), ( Juergen's entertainment blog, peppered with his unique German humor) and ( a blog dedicated to our new home town).

Juergen and I have extremely similar taste in film, owing to the fact that we spend way too much time together. We tend to most enjoy contemporary European cinema, but aren't afraid to drop huge scores on big budget action flicks. Outside of movies, we're both into travel & hiking, and Juergen still gets work as a professional photographer.

There's also a copy of this short intro in the blog:

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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by paulofilmo »

Hiya, my name's Paul (oh rly? yeh rly!)
I'm a 19 year old pious scruff from sunny Wey-hey-mouth on the southern coast of England.
I guess I'm a mix between Brian from Family Guy and Lisa from The Simpsons.


I enjoy watching movies. A good, solid drama is rarely beaten; political under(/over)tones are very welcome. I also like going for long walks and chillin' by the sea. When I'm not escaping into the arts or pursuing lazy exercise, you'll find me lost in my thoughts. The cognitive sciences push my buttons, as do the Classics, and a touch of cynical political interest now and then. I also like to learn about tribes/indigenous peoples and the pertaining socialism, good-life etc. I consider Bruce Parry and Charles Chaplin heroes.

I'm the kind of person who appreciates his solitude, but I'm eager to meet good people who haven't been indoctrinated too much by the capitalist ethos (ooh err). I want to help and learn about people, so am soon to begin volunteering under an Occupational Therapist with the hope of becoming one myself one day.

In my future spare-time, once I'm settled and reasonably independent, I'd like to play upright bass in a trad. folk band as well as bow it in a New Age band; I'd like to continue my soundtrack sounding Bb wafflings on the piano; hopefully, I'd like to get into making films, shorts at first (I have some ideas), and I'm beginning writing scripts; as well as shuffling on with volunteer work.

I like the complexity of simplicity, and the mysteries of life and consciousness.
I think they're swell.

*shakes hands*

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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Stain »

Good day, everyone. My name is Jack.


I am 39 years old. That makes me old enough to be the father of everybody else who's posted so far to this thread, so it seems appropriate to put in a word on behalf of an older generation. :-)

I am a software engineer who lives in Los Angeles. Movies have been an obsession with me for a long time (roughly one a week since I was 12, roughly three a week since I was 21), so LA is hog heaven for me. I might be in the top ten here of users with the most ratings. I will wait for years to see a film on a real screen rather than video, no matter what it is, so those are a few of my biases that may make my ratings and mini-reviews here make more sense. I have one rule about my opinions about movies here: brutal honesty. I am often a complete smartass in my reviews as well, no matter how popular or lauded a given picture may be. Just so you're forewarned. :-) More than one person here has scolded me for some of my opinions being "incorrect", so I must be doing something right. At the very least I have successfully resisted the mindless conformism that characterizes our age. I may be considered weird even by California standards; however, I would point out to you all that no man ever becomes a success at anything by being normal. :-)

You younger guys are in for a real surprise, film-wise. As you get older, your perspective changes, often greatly so. For example: I was 14 when Ghostbusters came out, and at the time I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I saw it again when I was 30, and I thought, "Gawd! This is such a teenager movie!" I still like it, mind you, but still. For a converse example, some movies that put me right to sleep when I was a kid (e.g. All the President's Men, and the Fred Zinnemann A Man for All Seasons) I like just fine now. More recently, I just took another look at Weird Science. When I was 16, I thought it was great. Now I can't understand how I managed to sit through the whole thing. (Perfect example: the lascivious pan goes right up Kelly LeBrock's shapely, tanned, bulimia-enhanced body... then we get up to her face, and she has... '80s HAIR! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHH!)

Horror movies were the gateway drug that led me to getting into movies in general, so naturally they remain special to me, as you might guess from the shirt. I have 12 other horror-movie T-shirts as well that I wear fairly regularly (albeit not usually to work :-) ). Like everyone else in LA, I am also yet another wannabe screenwriter. Even though I see just about every kind of movie imaginable, all the ideas my muse gives me for scripts are horror in some way. I have four that I consider good enough to actually show people. The rest suck.

My other big obsession is chess. I have an expert rating over on the Internet Chess Club, where I am also known as "Stain". (In fact, I just beat my first FIDE master today.) If any of you folks are so inclined, you may come over at any time, and if I'm logged on I'll gladly play you. (If at first I refuse because your rating's too low or something, just message me, tell me you know me from Criticker, and I'll accede.)

I do believe in love. I just don't think it's necessarily all that desirable a mental state. :-)
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by NoSex »

@Kai (Yoshisking), I absolutely love Bryan Fuller (I've seen everything he has done) and Joss Whedon (I've seen everything he's done). Twin Peaks is my favorite television series ever ever. I'm super excited for the return of Pushing Daisies (which is amazing) and the premiere of Dollhouse (omg omg omg omg omg). Yeah, television takes up a lot of my time, heh.

@Scott (Scottathon), higher education from the home is the best. I don't pay for my food. I don't have a job (student aid, love me love me love me). I don't have a car. It's damned liberating. P.S. I have a few friends who are studying CS. It seems like a lot of them became disillusioned with the whole thing about a quarter of the way through - somehow, though, they all seem to find the passion again; it's strange.

@Hernán (KGB), dude. You're pro for a fifteen year old (don't mean to be agist or anything). Kudos, man.

@Tijl (Quicky), intense rating thinger. Intense.

@Mike & Juergen (mpowell). Cool website.

@Paul (paulofilmo), cognitive sciences, eh? Like neurology? I know it's a bit pop-neurology, but have you ever read PHANTOMS IN THE BRAIN by V.S. Ramachandran? It's an amazing book.

@Jack (Stain). Some of your ratings are whack, dawg. A WEEK END thread might be showing up here soon, and we might have to have a dialogue. Maybe a THE BEYOND thread, or a A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET thread.

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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Anonymous »

I live in the American Midwest. I am 34 years of age.

Some insights into how I look at movies:

1. The foundation for my movie tastes is cable television from around 1982-1992. I absorbed a countless number of action movies, horror movies, teen comedies, and late night sex movies during that period (not all of which I can actually recall very well, though I'm trying to revisit the ones I'm hazy on). There are some movies that I love today probably because I saw them so many times on cable when I was young and impressionable.

Joe Bob's Drive-In Theatre was a particularly influential cable TV program during my teens.

2. I'm not really loyal to any particular director, actor or genre. I do admit that I favor movies with hot and/or charismatic actresses in them (I have a thing for Raquel Welch, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Ann-Margret, and French New Wave chicks, among many others). I tend to enjoy campy movies with a bit of sleaze thrown in (like Showgirls and 70s exploitation) visually attractive movies, dark humor, and westerns. Generally, though, I'll give most anything a shot.

3. I only care about being entertained. I don't really care how a movie does it. True, I do usually get more entertainment value out of fun, vibrant movies than I do serious, dreary ones, but this is not written in stone. It doesn't matter to me about a movie's "classic" status or how much critical acclaim it gets. Either it shows me a good time or it doesn't.

4. M. Night Shyamalan may not literally be the worst filmmaker, but he is very close to being the center of evil in my movie universe. I do not view someone like Uwe Boll as a menace because no one really takes him seriously. People do take M. Night Shyamalan seriously (though certainly no one can take him more seriously than he takes himself), and so his form of cinematic offal is far more toxic. To use Star Wars as an example, Shyamalan would be Emperor Palpatine while Boll would be Salacious Crumb, Jabba the Hutt's sidekick from Return of the Jedi.

5. I give very few movies a rating above 90. For me, any movie above 90 is a shining representation of my cinematic tastes, and most movies rarely achieve this level. For me to bestow a 96-100, the movie has to be a huge favorite that has influenced me for many years. My ratings have nothing to do with how good a movie is by objective standards.

6. According to Quicky's QMDB Project, one of my Top 10 favorite movie keywords is "female-frontal-nudity", and one of my Top 10 least favorite is "person-on-fire". That pretty much says it all.

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