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Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:14 am
by Jeb
What are some of your favorite mini-reviews amongst Criticker folks? I have tons, but here are the best ones for me:
KGB - City of God
Criminal5 - Seven Samurai
Yoshiking - Inland Empire
Hells_Zargon - Saving Private Ryan
doctor7 - The Terminator

honorable mentions:
-BigEvil- - Touch of Evil
paulofilmo - Onegin
Battletoad - Silence of The Lambs
frederic_g54 - Citizen Kane
TedDedon - WALL-E

Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:11 pm
by Jeb
Well then, I guess it's not all that interesting. ;)

Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:39 pm
by coffee
I usually read the mini reviews carefully. Sometimes a person's few words can be much more than pages of others. I recently starred Spunkie's review of Le Samouraï which was very bright. I also look for Farzan's and doctor7's mini-reviews.

Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:39 am
by paulofilmo
Ooh, I missed this the first time, and was a bit lazy the second. Perhaps we could discuss what we think makes a good mini-review. I'm personally fond of a concise and eloquent review based on the film's meaning (over technical qualities, 'though worth mentioning if prominent). Also, if a reviewer picks up on something (usually negative) that I also spotted it gives me a great sense of relief - I often find myself nodding away at FFD's reviews. Super smiley points go to someone who can do the concise elucidation artistically or through metaphor or humour. I think AFlickering does this best, in my opinion; with both beautiful and laugh out loud reviews. I would probably star many of Magb's reviews, hence I'm a lot stricter with him. As others have said, and 'though I too often disagree with his opinions, Moribunny's reviews are awesome (but like Magb, the expectation is different).

Anyway, some top picks (in no particular order):

AFlickering - Chungking Express
A Wong Kar-Wai film is always fleeting, grasp at its core and it runs through your fingers like rain. It's pure poetry.

*goes weak at the knees* *gets room*

AFlickering - Shawshank
Visually gorgeous and infectiously engaging, The Shawshank Redemption is still at heart one of the most cliched, safe, cloyingly sentimental Christian parables ever made, nestling itself into the heart of the zeitgeist and using so many strings you're pulled right in with it. I, for one, was kicking and screaming as I went; it's (sort of ironically) a de-individualising experience, the most irritating sort of movie to my mind.

This so perfectly encapsulates my sentiments. Far better than I could have put it.

Jeb - Naked
A psychotic, intellectual and fantastic masterpiece. Although it's unpleasant to look at sometimes and it features disturbing subject matter, It's a joy to watch and the character of Johnny is extremely charismatic and and likable.

Jeb beautifully extends the metaphor of twisted beauty. The rose.

hehejaja - Children of Paradise
An intensely gracious film, with dialogue as lavish as it's tasty - and at times humorously and affectingly insightful. Impressive all around, really. Carn├Ę seem to have a very sombre outlook on life, but he brings warmth to the tragedies on display through some evidently sparkling and generous compassion for his doomed characters (in this one as well as in the two others I've seen - Daybreak and Port of Shadows). Periodically stunning, constantly charming and interesting.

A little frustrating when someone echoes my opinion to the extent my input would be of little consequence.

hehejaja - Naked
Exhausting. Stunning. Painful.

Magb - Zoolander
This is not a stupid movie. Saying it's stupid is like saying This Is Spinal Tap is stupid because the band Spinal Tap is stupid. It should go without saying that Zoolander is nowhere near as funny (or as smart) as This Is Spinal Tap, but it sure as hell isn't stupid the way an Adam Sandler movie or a bad Jim Carrey movie is stupid. However, the film rarely goes beyond being "amusing," and some jokes fall flat.

FFD - Bride of Frankenstein
Popular opinion seems to overwhelmingly favor this sequel to the original, but I have to go against the grain on this one. It's much, MUCH goofier with its limp attempts at humor, Dr. Pretorius' miniature creations, and the monster becoming more human. Perhaps this movie is more nuanced than its predecessor, but I found it less exciting and less entertaining.

grimsooth - Fight Club
If you've ever questioned your own life, authority, materialism, or society in general, then you should see this movie. If you haven't done any of those, skip the movie and go out and do at least 3.

grimsooth - Princess Bride
A classic. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl, girl trys to kill boy, boy and girl almost die in the fire swamp.

Ytadel - Amelie
A ridiculously cute and charming movie. My inner cynic is a pretty big asshole, so it says a lot that this movie shut up my scoffing and eye rolling within minutes. Audrey Tautou is as cute as a button. Unless your girlfriend is too dumb to read subtitles, this is an awesome date movie that everyfuckingbody can enjoy.

Immense use of tmesis and an endearing sum-up.

Briare - Spirit of the Beehive
Watching this film is detaching oneself from reality, and just letting Ana Torrent and the Spanish countryside take you on a little bit of a journey. The little girl tells the story through the reflection in her big brown eyes- we sympathize with her every move, and as the movie begins to take on an almost Frankenstein-like aura itself, I was left awed as the credits began to role and beyond, as I was entangled in silence, I had to let my breath come back and wonder... what had I just seen? One

INDYATMN - Before Sunrise
A rare thing: a movie that shows you exactly how & why two characters falls in love. Other romances - even some of the good ones - do a montage to music with snippets of the couple walking, laughing, eating, & (at worst) taking photos in a small photo booth. But you never know exactly why they're laughing or what they're saying. This movie is all about the things those movies leave out. Just the conversations (!) between 2 fully developed characters, not stereotypes. So good it all seems real.

TedDedon - Children of Paradise
Children of Paradise is one of the most culturally enriched films I've ever seen. One of the most potent experiences artistically I've ever encountered, the entire film was an incredible endeavor. Clocking in at over three hours, there isn't a dull moment or a second that should have or could have been cut. The style of the film is the star of the show, the theatrical backdrop for the way the story is told and unfolds is brilliant. There are few films I've seen as good as this.

After reading this review, I read through all of Ted's others. None of them impressed me as much as this one. I think this comes at great testament to the film.

ktappe - Rebel Without a Cause
There is a reason this film became the anthem for an entire generation. It is a mood piece perfectly crafted to convey the alienation of youth. James Dean is completely believable as a son with no direction, and he transcends the screen so that his disaffection can be felt by any and all in the audience. A hauntingly memorable performance.

Gus_Hammond - Green Mile
The most powerful movie experience I've ever had in a movie theater. An emotionally devastating and ultimately rewarding knock-out. The unusual supernatural aspect of the plot adds a beautiful touch of lyricism to this unforgettable prison drama.

I really like this review, 'though I never think of TGM as a prison drama.

Chili - I'm Not Scared
I couldn't take my eyes away from this film. I never felt so geniunely concerned for all of the characters.

Spunkie - Scenes From a Marriage
Every relationship is essentially the same. We are mountains for eachother desperately seeking meaning in our Sisyphusian existence. Once again Bergman playing god with his petty subjects.

Cuculiza - The Son
Yet another Dardennes subtle masterclass on human nature.

Mastard, Icarus - Persepolis
Charming, enlightening, and even humanizing film. Unexpectedly hilarious in parts.

The visuals in this are just wonderful. Loved the multi-layered backgrounds, and the use of shadow is often quite effective. The characters are full-fledged human beings, which makes it easy to connect with them. And the wry sense of humor throughout offers both a respite and a challenge. Very well done.

gleeb - Road House
Yes, it's bad. But in a big, stupid, lovable way, like a labrador retriever that accidentally kills your grandmother.

David Kahane - Becket
The film is literate and heady, taking full advantage of the imposing castles and landscapes that serve as the setting. The earliest scenes are strongest, generating frisson in their loose energy. As the king, O'Toole strides triumphantly through scenes with spirited combustibility and Burton plays Becket with an amused ease. As the movie gets more serious it gets less fun, suffering most from lengthy stretches where Burton and O'Toole no longer have the luxury of playing off of each other.

This is a frighteningly good review.

dwhee - Magnolia
It's long, it's rough, and it's beautiful. This one doesn't just entertain, it heals. Find three hours to watch it some time.

Landstander - Naked
Dark, disturbing, awful, unwatchable, hilarious, insightful, ingenius movie. A must-see.

Quicky - Princess Bride
It was funny indeed, and it's alright to watch with your family, but it's really not my cup of tea. It certainly is a quite alright in its genre, but I think I'll have all forgotten about this movie in a few weeks. In the end that's what movies are all about in my opinion: entertaining my mind and leaving a footprint in my heart. This movie does little of the former, but none of the latter.

Jweller - Run Lola Run
Just See it.

hehejaja - Sideways
A funny and vulnerable film.

I tend to vouch for the underdog reviews. So I haven't starred big hitters mainly because everyone else does.

If anyone's against having their review in something of an out-of-context spotlight such as this, just let me know.

Let's see if I get my own page. :D

Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:23 pm
by Bojangles
KGB on Mr. Deeds
The ending was retarded, but... OK, most of the film was retaded. Er.. Yep, it's pretty much all retarded. Retardation all over the place, yes.

I'm more of a fan of reviews that I find humorous, I could dig up some good serious reviews and give props on that front, but I'm far too lazy.

Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:18 pm
by Spunkie
No time to pick up any favorites. I like all the serious and thoughtful reviews and give them higher value than scores. A single powerful review can drive me to watch that movie. I ignore or get disturbed by cliche one liner or too general reviews. But I immensely like humorous, smart one liners, or abrupt, spontaneous comments left from the mood of the movie. I am neutral towards mechanical reviews. By the way, has anyone noticed there are far too many review worthy member here than the regular reviewers. While taking a glimpse between my Tsi's I saw many kumpel who only wrote a few reviews where a considerable percent of them are worth of reading.

Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:50 pm
by Pickpocket
doctor7 and frederic_g54 have good ones.

Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:42 pm
by frederic_g54
paulofilmo wrote: I think AFlickering does this best, in my opinion; with both beautiful and laugh out loud reviews.

He did like End of Days, Final Destination 2 & 3 and Space Jam more than Shawshank... ooouuuuch, that hurts.

I love one liner reviews, predominantly found in bad films, they really make me laugh out loud.


Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:40 am
by paulofilmo
Space Jam was pretty cool.

Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:29 am
by Pickpocket
I revoke everything I said about Stain. =D