Rank Every Time Travel Movie

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Rank Every Time Travel Movie

Post by PrestoBix »

I'm gonna start my ranking soon and would like to hear what others' rankings are. Lesser known recommendations would also be welcome in this thread.

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Re: Rank Every Time Travel Movie

Post by JimiAntiloop »

Just regarding films I rated at least with 6 points.

:!: Philosophical aspects and unique perspectives are straight up front. :!:

1. 12 Monkeys [10p]
2. Donnie Darko [10p]
3. The Butterfly Effect [10p]
4. Edge of Tomorrow - Live. Die. Repeat [9,5p]
5. Source Code [9p]
6. Star Trek: First Contact [9p]
7. Time Bandits [9p]
8. Steins;Gate - The Movie [9p]
9. Futurama: Bender's Big Score [9p]
10. Timecop: The Berlin Decision [9p]
11. The Jacket [9p]
12. Interstellar [9p]
13. Synchronicity [9p]
14. The Hourglass Sanatorium [9p]
15. Schilf [8p]
16. Men in Black 3 [8p]
17. The I Inside [8p]
18. Star Trek (2009) [8p]
19. Alice Through the Looking Glass [8p]
20. Back to the Future [8p]
21. Back to the Future Part II [8p]
22. Slaughterhouse-Five [8p]
23. Time After Time [8p]
24. Je t'aime, je t'aime [8p]
25. Déjà Vu [8p]
26. Timecrimes [8p]
27. Primer [8p]
28. Orlando [8p]
29. Kung Fury [Short] [8p]
30.Timecop [8p]
31. Midnight in Paris [8p]
32. Back to the Future Part III [7p]
33.The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations [7p]
34.Terminator 2: Judgment Day
35.Time Lapse [7p]
36. La jetée [7p]
37. Hot Tub Time Machine [6p]
38. The Terminator [6p]
39. Land of the Lost [6p]
40.The Time Machine [6p]
41. Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea [6p]
42. Repeaters [6p]

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Re: Rank Every Time Travel Movie

Post by paulofilmo »

mine from this collection - https://www.criticker.com/ratings/films ... 7&view=prs

re-watched edge of tomorrow recently and changed my mind (from meh to good).
i thought it was neat how with a bit of discipline (with awareness of finite mortality), you can iteratively hone yourself. it's a message squirrel chasers like me need to hear.

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Re: Rank Every Time Travel Movie

Post by iconogassed »

Three very enjoyable and relatively novel approaches:

Detention (2011)
Triangle (2009)
The Endless (2017) (definitely see the directors' Resolution first if you can)

edit: I see PrestoBix has seen The Endless but not Resolution. See Resolution, PrestoBix!

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