a 1940s film noir

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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a 1940s film noir

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Hi - hope you can help! My sister is trying to remember actors and a film title to a movie and she only remembers the ending!!! A 1940s early 50s black and white movie....the wife wants to murder the mistress and the husband, so she 'fakes' notes to each of them, pretending the notes are from each other, to each other, to meet at the mistress' apartment...she slips the notes into his pocket, the mistress' purse....they meet up, the wife hides in the closet, the gun is planted under the couch....then my sister blanks out the rest until the very end, when the husband hits the mistress with his car, they are both killed and the finale is the wife watching it all take place, and walking down the street, in the dark of night!! oh my - any help you could give would be wonderful....it is 1 of those things that keeps you up at night!

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Re: a 1940s film noir

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Sudden Fear?

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