A Decade of Criticker

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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by ShogunRua »

Velvet Crowe wrote:
Thu Apr 22, 2021 11:46 pm
It's very clearly anti-lefitst, regardless of any distinctions you can make with left-wing politics. You can't post something like this:

https://genesisofman.files.wordpress.co ... ture15.png

and act like you're apolitical.
Out of curiosity, are you a hardcore leftist? This is an incredibly normie meme I've seen dozens of people post, including moderate leftists and Biden voters. Literally the only people I know who would get offended by something so normie and mild, and claim it proves the other person must be right-wing are hardcore progressives.
Velvet Crowe wrote: In this context, yes, claiming Bernie is a "con-man" is absolutely a partisan bias.
Oh, silly me! All those young socialist revolutionaries who were promised Bernie would fix the corrupt capitalist establishment, only to have him turn around and become a bourgeoisie and capitalist running dog for the most corrupt establishment figures? Well, if they're unhappy about being grifted and backstabbed, according to Velvet Crowe, they're secretely right-wingers!

Man, who knew? Does that mean ANY left-winger who ever criticizes ANY left-wing candidates for ANYTHING is automatically a right-winger?

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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by Dorkovsky »

lmao at those links Velvet Crowe, impressive to learn that guy was even dumber than i originally thought

tfw you've got it all figured out:

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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by killgazmo »

Huh. First time looking at the forums section of this site after being here near 7 years, and the first thing i see is a bunch of political bitching. Lol.
Not surprising of course.
Anyway. Love this site, been real useful to me for quite some time now.

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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by Paxton »

One decade down! 3,000 reviews written, six of them pretty funny. I appreciate the site quite a bit and quote reviews I've read here to people often, occasionally not even taking credit. Like TheDenizen's original post this means a quarter of my life has been writing hot takes on films and I still can't reconcile the fact that movies about people that wear capes think they should be OVER two hours. Evidently there's more bitching to come for the next ten years.


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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by TheDenizen »


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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by JooJoo »

Nice topic. Got me to notice that I’ll be here 15 years (consistently? not quite) this coming April. A little bit of a cheat especially since I initially signed up here, review dumped like 60-80 films I was watching around that time, and then only returned a year later in 2008 at a regular basis for some reason I cannot remember.

I’ve come to the realization that I’ve amassed enough quality / interesting films over the years (prob around a few thousand) to sustain myself for quite awhile with my limited free time. I’ve been going through old favorites for the past year and I’ve probably only gotten through 50 (so, 2-3% of my total watchlist). I also burnt out on trying to discover those gems amidst the rough a while back so this approach just works better.

I will occasionally let myself get caught up in something either actually new or just new to me that sounds good but :shrug:

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