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New Gaming Genres

Post by mpowell »

Quick note just to alert you all that we've added a few new genres for video games. (Thanks PendejoJorge for these suggestions!)

Visual Novel
Dungeon crawler

Velvet Crowe
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Re: New Gaming Genres

Post by Velvet Crowe »

Just thought about it, but I think "rail shooters" and "Shumps" should be added too.

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Re: New Gaming Genres

Post by Zaltys »

Roguelike is needed. Role-Playing doesn't sufficiently cover the genre.
Interactive Fiction is also missing. ...or alternately, maybe a broader Text-based genre? Steam uses both tags, but that's probably an overkill.

The current Adventure listing is quite a mess. Splitting it off into the classic Action-Adventure and Point-and-Click Adventure genres would probably be more useful in the long run.

Shooter might also benefit from a split. There's not much in common between Shoot 'em up and First-Person Shooters, those are distinct enough to be their own genres.

Come to think about it, I see why many gaming sites use several categories. For instance, MobyGames has separate search category for Perspective, which is quite informative. (Genre: Shooter with Perspective: First-person is obviously a First-Person Shooter, whereas one with Perspective: Top-Down is a Shoot'em up, etc). Maybe adding such category here would be better than cluttering the genre list with too many subgenres.

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