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add "Minimum # of TCI's" filter to PSI list

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add "Minimum # of TCI's" filter to PSI list

Postby Pratchett3 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:41 am

when browsing for stuff to watch, I have to open up each title to see whether the PSI score was based on only the minimum 3 TCI's (making the PSI a lot less accurate), or 3,000 TCI's (meaning the PSI will be super accurate for me).

it'd be nice to have a filter when you just want to see movies with more accurate, many-TCI ratings, without having to open 20 movies in new tabs to check the accuracy of all of them.

the "popularity" slider fulfills kind of the same function, but not as well (as it's based on total site ratings, and not customized to you as much)


a downside of this though (now that I think more about it), would be that it would push people to only watch and rate things that already have a lot of TCI's. things that don't have many user ratings, and therefore would have less TCI's, would get filtered out, meaning less people would see them and rate them, creating a feedback loop where only the most popular things would get seen and rated, and obscure things would never get suggested to people in their PSI lists, and would get stuck in "filter hell".

I'd understand if you have it this current way on purpose to avoid this.

although the same danger comes with the popularity slider, and apparently that hasn't created an issue, so idk

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Re: add "Minimum # of TCI's" filter to PSI list

Postby mpowell » Sat Sep 15, 2018 5:28 am

Thanks for this suggestion! It's actually one we already have written, down, as it was proposed about a month ago by another user.

It's good to know, though, that there are more users out there desiring this :) It's definitely something we'll be looking into.

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