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Is an overhaul of the front-end of Criticker in the pipeline?

Ideas to improve Criticker and new feature requests, as well as announcements about new enhancements.
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Is an overhaul of the front-end of Criticker in the pipeline?

Postby bktan » Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:56 am


I'm not sure when I first discovered this website, but over the years I'd return every so often to try and keep my ratings updated. It's probably the best movie website to maintain a list even with the myriad of other options. I think when I first started, I would often check for what the predicted score would be for new releases for me, but as time went on, and I was unsure of the userbase and whether it was active, I also stopped checking.

One of the things I'd hoped for every time I revisited was an overhaul of the UI. Many other websites in the interim have either disappeared, shifted goals or indeed revamped their front-end to become more user friendly. However, it still seems this isn't the case. In fact, I just found the forums today and what spurred this post on to be more than just a fleeting thought was my inability to find out how to create a collection. Everywhere you'd think it'd be located, it wasn't.

I've always believed in the power of users over critics and this site has had a winning approach to the problem. Do you think a revamped UI would make it more accessible to more casual moviegoers?

I personally do think there is a lot more potential for this to grow and be the site that people choose to update/consider when watching a movie. It may not offer the aggregators that other sites do, but I don't think that is the future of choice. Furthermore, due to the nature of the USP, it cannot really be diluted like how many other products become with scale. More users, more accuracy and more wins for all involved.

I'm aware that UI is not the be-all, end-all, as many sites focusing solely on that are just novelties that wear their shine off pretty quick, but they don't have the strength of underlying product that Criticker has. However, in an age of constant advancement, it just feels like the next step for Criticker to take.

Thanks for reading and hope that you will consider upgrading the front-end in your delivery pipeline :)

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Re: Is an overhaul of the front-end of Criticker in the pipeline?

Postby mpowell » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:12 pm

Yes, we do plan on overhauling the site's front end at some point. No details for now, but some work has already been done toward this, and it's something we're working on.

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