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St.Trinians style move but not a St.Trinians movie?

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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St.Trinians style move but not a St.Trinians movie?

Postby bbutc » Tue May 14, 2019 9:09 pm

I saw this movie in 1980 on a colour TV but I’m pretty sure it was in black and white so I’m thinking a late 50’s early 60’s movie?

The scene I remember is the girls are in their school bus driving down a coastal route next to the sea when they hatch a plan to get rid of their teacher. One of the girls keeps on boasting and teasing the teacher saying she can beat her in a swimming race until the teacher can’t take any more and tells the driver to stop the bus so she can prove she is the better swimmer. They all get out and go down to the shoreline and decide to race out to a buoy some distance out. They start the race and the two start to swim out as fast as they can but after a short distance the girl, who is losing, turns round and swims back to shore where everyone then runs back to the bus and they drive off leaving the teacher behind as they planned!

The movie was very much in the style of a ‘St. Trinians’ movie but I’ve looked at all St. Trininans movies and this scene does not appear in any of them. I’ve also looked at a lot of other British movies from the same time frame and nothing rings a bell so now I’m thinking it could be an American made movie inspired by the St. Trininans franchise?

Let me know if you know what movie this is. Thanks.

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