dancing flames / flame ballet / animated

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dancing flames / flame ballet / animated

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I've spent several years on and off trying to find the identification of this animated clip:

I remember a clip with 'dancing flames / ballet of flames'; I remember an 'up-beat' bouncy melody - reminiscent of Disney perhaps, and the animation reminiscent of Fantasia (also perhaps). The clip shows a ballet of individual flames in a 'chorus line' all dancing and moving along, and from memory down a staircase (from left to right) - it is in colour, with the flames being in vivid red, orange and yellow, background rather dark-ish and indistinct, but inside a structure of sorts; there are 'dancing shadows' in the background, made by the flames' light. They move about in various configurations, dancing to the beat of the music.

I suspect it was a 1940s or 1950s animation, but am unsure of its country of origin, or even language - I also think it was a clip out of a longer piece.

All I remember is that it was beautifully done, and that I would have seen it in the late 1970s or early 1980s. (It is not 'Lumiere', or 'Moth and The Flame'.)

I had 3 such clips in my memory; I've identified 2 (The Old Mill, and Valse Triste out of Allegro Non Troppo), all from way back when. Alas, the third one - the dancing flames - eludes me.


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