Great Films/Miniseries about the fall of the Berlin Wall

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Great Films/Miniseries about the fall of the Berlin Wall

Post by nauru »

November 9th will be the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I don't really know much about this remarkable event, and was wondering if there are any exceptional films/miniseries that show the story well?

To give you a sense of what I had in mind, HBO's Chernobyl was, in my opinion, fantastic. Huge budget, first-class acting, visually immersive, and great storytelling. Was it a 100% perfectly accurate depiction of what happened? I'm guessing probably not. Do I know far more about it after watching and reading around a little than I did before? Definitely.

So: Is there a large budget production that tells the story of the fall of the Berlin Wall similarly well?

I was also impressed with the documentary Commanding Heights: Battle for the World Economy (produced by PBS) many years ago, which did have a section on the fall of the Berlin wall. So a documentary could work as well. But a scripted drama of a similar quality to Chernobyl would be so very welcome.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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