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Ideas to improve Criticker and new feature requests, as well as announcements about new enhancements.
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Postby iconogassed » Sun Feb 02, 2020 3:39 am

I originally posted this in the bugs forum but this is probably a better place? I imagine most would have to be folded into a future front-end overhaul

- On the "Your Biggest Fans" section of the "Starred Reviews" page, there are little stars after your starred reviews. When this star is "lit up" it means that you have also given a star to the other user's review of the same film. This is nice to know, but there is no clear indication that this is what the star indicates. You can also choose to star the other user's review right then and there, but adding to the confusion is the fact that you can't actually see the review you're starring, and that they may not have even written a review of the film at all. (These stars also appear on the "Stars You've Given" page, where naturally they are all already lit up and their function [un-starring said review] is more understandable.)

- When looking at a film's reviews, it would be nice if there was a way to see how many stars a particular review has, without having to order by # of stars and then find the review again among the others.

- Regarding private messages, there is no space limit when you choose to send someone a private message by clicking the link on their profile page, but when you send the message by responding to THEIR message, the character limit is set to 500 and the message is restricted to the much smaller box on your profile page.

- If someone has volunteered to moderate a public collection after the collection's original moderator/creator has abandoned it or deleted their account, they are still listed as the actual creators on the general collections page, i.e. "[Hyperlink Cinema] Public Collection created on May 01 2011 by iconogassed" whereas I only took it over from the original user. In cases like this I would suggest something like "Public Collection created on May 01 2011. Moderated by iconogassed"

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Re: Miscellany

Postby mpowell » Fri Feb 21, 2020 6:37 am

Thanks for all these ideas, and sorry it took us some time to respond! I've added all four to our enhancements database, and we'll consider them as soon as we can!

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