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Abel Ferrara

Date of Birth: Jul 19, 1951

Country: USA

Biography: Representing the Bronx, Abel Ferrara has been churning out independent cult classics set in the Big Apple ever since 1979's Killer Driller. His films are usually set in an evil, gritty NYC and his protagonists, such as Harvey Keitel's Bad Lieutenant, are not necessarily good guys.

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Nicky Nicky's Film (1971)  - Short Film
Summary: A man is threatened by mobsters to pay up a loan or be killed. (imdb)
No Score
Crime Story Crime Story (1986)  - TV Episode
Summary: One former cop against the whole Mafia. (imdb)
No Score
4:44 Last Day on Earth 4:44 Last Day on Earth (2012)
Summary: A look at what would happen if everyone knew the world was ending. (imdb)
No Score
Napoli, Napoli, Napoli Napoli, Napoli, Napoli (2009)
Summary: Napoli, Napoli, Napoli, Abel Ferrara's new project, is not only a portrait of the city itself, but a deep sight into its humanity, vital and brutal, passionate and cruel at the same time. (mubi.com)
No Score
The Gladiator The Gladiator (1986)  - TV Movie
Summary: A road warrior vigilante avenges his brother's death at the hands of a crazy motorist by using his souped-up pickup to apprehend drunken drivers and others who abuse their driving privileges. (imdb)
No Score
The Hold Up The Hold Up (1972)  - Short Film
Summary: Three men, laid off from their factory jobs, plan a gas station robbery. (imdb)
No Score
Cat Chaser Cat Chaser (1989)
Summary: An American veteran (Weller) of the Dominican Republic intervention (LBJ era) is running a hotel in Miami, and is trying to put the memories of the intervention behind him. He gets involved with a former Dominican Republic general's wife (McGillis). He then gets duped through a series of intricate plot twists into helping a group of people trying to rip the general off. (imdb)
No Score
California California (1996)  - Short Film
Summary: A young & rich couple (Farmer and Esposito) is preparing to attend a reception where they are invited. Meanwhile, a prostitute and a pimp (also played by Farmer and Esposito) are quarreling. The woman looks at the prostitutes on the sidewalk and sees her double threatened by her pimp who then murders her. After the reception, the woman disguises herself as a prostitute and joins those outside. She makes love with the pimp and savagely kills him to avenge her double. (Wikipedia)
No Score
Mulberry St. Mulberry St. (2010)
Summary: Born in the Bronx and raised in upstate New York, Abel Ferrara started his professional film career on Mulberry Street in 1975. For the past year he's been living on the block, and the feast of San Gennaro is the subject of his new film. While he has used this location for a few of his features, this time it's the star of the film. (imdb)
No Score
Abel Ferrara Not Guilty Abel Ferrara Not Guilty (2003)
Summary: An intimate portrait of Abel Ferrara: an eccentric road movie, with the restless film maker, around New York by night.
No Score
Black Butterfly Black Butterfly (2017)
Summary: Paul (Banderas), a down-on-his-luck screenwriter who picks up a drifter (Rhys Meyers) and offers him a place to stay. However, when the deranged stranger takes Paul hostage and forces him to write, their unhinged relationship brings buried secrets to light.
No Score
Ms. 45: An Interview with Director Abel Ferrara Ms. 45: An Interview with Director Abel Ferrara (2014)  - Short Film
Summary: An Interview with Director Abel Ferrara
No Score
Don Peyote Don Peyote (2014)
Summary: DON PEYOTE tells the story Warren Allman, an unemployed stoner who finally finds a purpose in life after an unpleasant encounter with a homeless man preaching the end is near. Fueled by vivid apocalyptic dreams, Warren becomes obsessed with 2012 doomsday theories and decides to make a documentary on the subject while his fiance is busy planning their wedding. (imdb)
No Score
Daddy Longlegs Daddy Longlegs (2009)
Summary: After months of being alone, sad, busy, sidetracked, free, lofty, late and away from his kids, Lenny, 34 with graying frazzled hair, picks his kids up from school. Every year he spends a couple of weeks with his sons Sage, 9, and Frey, 7. Lenny juggles his kids and everything else all within a midtown studio apartment in New York City. He ultimately faces the choice of being their father or their friend all with the idea that these two weeks must last 6 months...
No Score
Welcome to New York Welcome to New York (2014)
Summary: Mr. Devereaux is a powerful man. A man who handles billions of dollars every day. A man who controls the economic fate of nations. A man driven by a frenzied and unbridled sexual hunger. A man who dreamed of saving the world and who cannot save himself. A terrified man. A lost man. (imdb)
No Score
Pasolini Pasolini (2014)
Summary: One of the greatest director and actor alliances of all time join again to bring the world a glimpse of the the final days of a God among filmmakers, Pier Paolo Pasolini, after he went Salò.
No Score
Chelsea on the Rocks Chelsea on the Rocks (2008)
Summary: The spiritual home to Manhattan bohemia... where Luc Besson filmed Léon, like Andy Warhol filmed Chelsea Girls, where Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road and Sid Vicious stabbed her girlfriend... New York's legendary 125-year-old Chelsea Hotel is the lead character of this brilliant documentary that premiered at Cannes in 2008 out of competition at a special screening. (www.iksv.org)
No Score
Go Go Tales Go Go Tales (2007)
Summary: A screwball comedy centered on a Manhattan go-go dancing club, where a financial struggle between the owner, his accountant and his silent partner brother threatens the business's future. (imdb)
No Score
The Driller Killer The Driller Killer (1979)
Summary: An artist slowly goes insane while struggling to pay his bills, work on his paintings, and care for his two female roommates, which leads him taking to the streets of New York after dark and randomly killing derelicts with a power drill. (imdb)
No Score
Ms. 45 Ms. 45 (1981)
Summary: A shy and mute seamstress goes insane after being attacked and raped twice in one day, in which she takes to the streets of New York after dark and randomly kills men with a .45 caliber gun. (imdb)
No Score
Dangerous Game Dangerous Game (1993)
Summary: A New York film director, working on his latest movie in Los Angeles, begins to reflect the actions in his movie and real life, especially when he begins an affair with the lead actress. (imdb)
No Score
Body Snatchers Body Snatchers (1993)
Summary: A teenage girl and her father discover alien clones are replacing humans on a remote U.S. military base in Alabama. (imdb)
No Score
King of New York King of New York (1990)
Summary: A former drug lord returns from prison determined to wipe out all his competition and distribute the profits of his operations to New York's poor and lower classes in this stylish and ultra violent modern twist on Robin Hood.
No Score
The Blackout The Blackout (1997)
Summary: Matty is a film star who is tired of Hollywood life and moves to Miami, where he makes a proposal to his girlfriend Annie. She is not ready to marry him, and it is revealed that she had an abortion. Depressed because he lost his baby (though it was him who initially asked for abortion), Matty, together with his friend Micky, go on a wild night. (imdb)
No Score
New Rose Hotel New Rose Hotel (1998)
Summary: Maas and Hosaka are two large Corporations in the future world. They are fighting to get control over the best minds of the world. The best is Hiroshi and at the moment he is working for the Maas Corporation. Fox has accepted an offer to persuade Hiroshi to go over to the Hosaka Corporation. Sandii is a little Italian girl from Japan and she should be the way to get to Hiroshi. X is the man who should train Sandii to break Hiroshi's Heart. But if X falls in love with Sandii? And if the Hosaka Corporation breaks the agreement? And if Sandii is not a little Italian girl? (imdb)
No Score
Mary Mary (2005)
Summary: An actress (Binoche) becomes obsessed with Mary Magdelene after playing her in a film. (imdb)
No Score
SUBWAYStories: Tales from the Underground SUBWAYStories: Tales from the Underground (1997)  - TV Movie
Summary: The actual experiences of New York City subway riders are dramatized in a collection of 10 intriguing and very different vignettes... (imdb)
No Score
Could This Be Love? Could This Be Love? (1973)  - Short Film
Summary: Two care-free women have a fun day out, pick up a prostitute and take her to a party hosted by one's husband. (imdb)
No Score
'R Xmas (2001)
Summary: A woman must earn enough money to save her criminal husband.
No Score
China Girl China Girl (1987)
Summary: A modern day Romeo & Juliet story is told in New York when an Italian boy and a Chinese girl become lovers, causing a tragic conflict between ethnic gangs.
No Score
The Addiction The Addiction (1995)
Summary: Kathleen Conklin, a doctoral student in philosophy, finds herself with a new perspective on the nature of evil and humanity after being bitten by a vampire in New York City. (imdb)
No Score
Fear City Fear City (1984)
Summary: In New York City, a psycho killer is stalking and randomly slashing and killing strippers working in various nightclubs... (imdb)
No Score
The Funeral The Funeral (1996)
Summary: New York City, the 1930s. A powerful crime family is caught in a lethal crossfire between union organizers and brutal corporate bosses. Against this turbulent backdrop, the family's three street-hardened brothers and the women they love are about to be plunged into a deadly confrontation with their enemies, with each other, and with their own dark heritage of violence, madness and murder. (imdb)
No Score
Bad Lieutenant Bad Lieutenant (1992)
Summary: Harvey Keitel portrays a New York City police lieutenant who takes advantage of his position in order to steal, take, and sell drugs, and who in addition has a major gambling problem. He investigates the rape of a nun, but is even more preoccupied with betting on the National League Championship Series between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Between these two events, his life seems to be plunged in directions beyond his control.