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Shipwrecked Shipwrecked (1911)  - Short Film
Summary: Annie Jackson, living with her uncle, Horace Gregory, an old fisherman on Val Dez Island, is injured by an automobile. John Kingdon, who happens by, takes her in his machine to the hospital. There he learns to love her, but his advances are not wanted by her uncle, for his choice for his niece's hand is John Runyon. So when Annie returns to her home, and is told to marry Runyon, she refuses. In the meantime, Kingdon leaves for Honolulu. (imdb)
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The Deceiver The Deceiver (1931)
Summary: Broadway matinee idol, Shakespearean actor Reginald Thorpe, is found dead in his dressing room on the eve of his departure for Hollywood. Thorpe's understudy, Tony Hill, is suspected, particularly in light of his skill with knives. Thorpe, however, was a lady's man who seems to have been involved in blackmailing one of his lovers. (allmovie.com)
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Six Feet Four Six Feet Four (1919)
Summary: A cowboy matches the description of the man who robbed the local hotel--both are 6'4''. When a young woman is robbed, suspicion falls on the cowboy again. However, he discovers that the actual culprits are a local gang headed by the sheriff. He sets out to capture the robbers and clear his name. (imdb)
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Young Romance Young Romance (1915)
Summary: Two young clerks in a department store meet and fall in love during a seaside vacation in Maine, but part as strangers because, unknown to each other, both had been masquerading as upper-class 'swells', just to see how the better half lives. (imdb)
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The Idle Class The Idle Class (1921)  - Short Film
Summary: Chaplin plays a tramp who sneaks into a upper class golf resort. The tramp meets a rich woman (Edna Purviance) who is having an argument with her drunken husband (also played by Chaplin). Complications arise when she mistakes the tramp for her husband. (imdb)
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The Circus The Circus (1928)
Summary: The Tramp finds work and the girl of his dreams at a circus. (imdb)
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Modern Times Modern Times (1936)
Summary: The Tramp struggles to live in modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman. (imdb)
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City Lights City Lights (1931)
Summary: The Tramp struggles to help a blind flower girl he has fallen in love with. (imdb)