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Alphonse Martell

Total Credits at Criticker: 5 (Actor), 1 (Director), 1 (Writer)

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    The Night Bird
    Reginald Denny as a prizefighter who is picked up by Italian girl Madelina, played by a very un-Italian girl, Betsy Lee. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    The Gigolo Racket
    As a publicity stunt, a musical comedy star announces her engagement to a young man she believes is a gigolo, with whom she eventually falls in love. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    The Jitters
    The Jitters (1938) - Short Film
    When his wife dances with the dancing instructor, Errol gets jealous and decides to take dancing lessons himself.
    Probable Score
    Dream of Love
    A duke has deposed Prince Mauritz's father, so Mauritz spends his time in affairs with a countess, the duke's wife and a gypsy girl Adrienne. Years later she is a famous actress in a play resembling the sad story of their earlier relationship. He falls in love with her again. The jealous duchess and the duke arrange to have him shot by firing squad but revolutionaries save him and make him King. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Jenny and her six-year-old son, Tommy, are flying over the Belgian Congo when they are forced to bail out and become separated. Jenny lands in a dense jungle and is rescued by a safari headed by two wild-animal collectors, but Tommy is not found. He has amnesia and is lost, but is adopted by Zamba, a huge gorilla. He lives happily with his new family. Jenny comes back with a searching party, and Zamba, the gorilla mother, is determined to protect Tommy from his real mother.
    Probable Score