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Andrei Tarkovsky

Date of Birth: Apr 4, 1932

Country: Russia

Biography: Tarkovksy is listed among the 100 most critically acclaimed film directors; director Ingmar Bergman was quoted as saying "Tarkovsky for me is the greatest [director], the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream".

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Solaris Solaris (1972)
Summary: A psychologist is sent to investigate the mysterious crisis which has occurred on board a space station orbiting a remote planet.
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Ivan Ivan's Childhood (1962)
Summary: 12-year old Ivan works as a spy at the eastern front. The small Ivan can cross the German lines unnoticed to collect information. (imdb)
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The Sacrifice The Sacrifice (1986)
Summary: Alexander, a journalist and former actor and philosopher, tells his little son how worried he is about the lack of spirituality of modern mankind... (imdb)
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Nostalghia Nostalghia (1983)
Summary: The Russian poet Gortchakov, accompanied by guide and translator Eugenia, is traveling through Italy researching the life of an 18th century Russian composer. In a ancient spa town, he meets the lunatic Domenico, who years earlier had imprisoned his own family in a barn to save them from the evils of the world. As Eugenia seeks to tempt Gortchakov into infidelity, he, seeing some deep truth in Domenico's act, becomes drawn to the lunatic.
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The Mirror The Mirror (1975)
Summary: A man in his forties is going to die and remembers his past.
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There Will Be No Leave Today There Will Be No Leave Today (1959)
Summary: About soldiers who have to remove WWII bombs which where found under a public road and drive them outside the town where they will be blown up. (IMDB Comments)
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Katok i skripka Katok i skripka (1960)
Summary: The central conflict of this four-reeler is that the little boy's mother prefers him to maintain interest in his violin, but his new friend encourages him to be more interested in a steamroller. Its the old conflict between high pursuits and simple pleasures, or art vs working function. The little boy, of course, would like to have his cake and eat it too... (IMDB Comments)
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Andrei Rublev Andrei Rublev (1966)
Summary: Andreiv Rublev charts the life of the great icon painter through a turbulent period of 15th Century Russian history... (imdb)
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Stalker Stalker (1979)
Summary: Near a gray and unnamed city is The Zone, an alien place guarded by barbed wire and soldiers.
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Moscow Elegy Moscow Elegy (1987)
Summary: A 1988 documentary film directed by Alexander Sokurov about the later life and death of Soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky (Wikipedia)
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Voyage in Time Voyage in Time (1983)  - TV Movie
Summary: Documents the travels in Italy of director Andrei Tarkovsky in preparation for the making of his film Nostalghia. (Wikipedia)
No Score
The Killers The Killers (1956)  - Short Film
Summary: This is Andrei Tarkovsky's first student film.
No Score
Regi Andrej Tarkovskij Regi Andrej Tarkovskij (1988)
Summary: Documentary on the making of "The Sacrifice."
No Score
De Weg naar Bresson De Weg naar Bresson (1984)
Summary: This is two films at once- it is a record of the filmmakers trying to land Bresson for an interview, all while explaining to us what is so unique about his movies. (surrealmoviez.info)
No Score
Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit. Andrej Tarkowskijs Exil und Tod Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit. Andrej Tarkowskijs Exil und Tod (1988)
Summary: Documentary on the final years in the life of director Andrei Tarkovsky, who died in 1986, including his exile in Western Europe. The film shows the degree to which the themes of his films, Nostalghia and The Sacrifice almost literally came to encapsulate the director's own life and death. (cinephiliabeyond.org)
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Kghziner Kghziner (1987)
Summary: A documentary about the Tarkovsky and Paradjanov friendship.
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One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich (2000)  - TV Episode
Summary: A documentary made prior to the death of filmmaker Andrei Arsenevitch (Tarkovsky) and showing him working on his final film, this record was made at Arsenevitch's request to stand as a record of his working practices. Interspersed with clips of the director's films, this should prove especially interesting for fans of Arsenevitch's work (IMDB)