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Arthur La Bern

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Good-Time Girl Good-Time Girl (1948)
Summary: A teenage runaway finds herself on the road to perdition after she gets involved in crime. Sentenced to three years at an "approved school", she plays the system for her own ends - and afterwards returns to her old ways, with tragic consequences. (Screen Online)
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It Always Rains on Sunday It Always Rains on Sunday (1947)
Summary: The events of a wet Sabbath unfold in the pubs, homes, and markets of the East End. While petty criminals and the police play cat-and-mouse, and various love affairs start and stop, housewife Rose Sandigate finds she has a difficult decision to make. Her previous fiance has appeared after escaping from Dartmoor and is asking for her help in hiding him. (imdb)
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Frenzy Frenzy (1972)
Summary: A serial killer is murdering London women with a necktie. The police have a suspect... but he's the wrong man. (imdb)