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Artus de Penguern

Total Titles at Criticker: 7 - You've Seen 7

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Picture submitted by mpowell

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Titles You've Rated (7)
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No Rating
Agathe Cléry Agathe Cléry (2008)
Summary: Agathe Cléry is a hard working and modern marketing manager from a cosmetics company, specialized in clear skin. Her colleagues find her snob, strict, and they know she's a racist. One day though, Agathe is diagnosed to suffer from Addison syndrome, which alters and darkens your skin color. One morning, she wakes up as black as the ones she intensively hated. (imdb)
No Rating
Saint-Jacques... La Mecque Saint-Jacques... La Mecque (2005)
Summary: Three siblings who detest each other and hiking must complete together a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in order to be eligible to inherit their mother's wealth (imdb)
No Rating
Big City Big City (2007)
Summary: 1880. Lost in the confines of the American West, a tiny little town, Big City, expects a large caravan of immigrants. Alas, the caravan is attacked by Indians while it is only a few kilometers from the city. All adults and all children over twelve years go to their aid, but do not return. The Big City children then realize they will have to manage only the city, awaiting the hypothetical return of their parents.
No Rating
Gregoire Moulin vs. Humanity Gregoire Moulin vs. Humanity (2001)
Summary: Grégoire Moulin, a shy accountant, sets up a blind date with a dance teacher at a bar. What he needed to do was just to cross the road. But it didn't happen to be as easy as it seems especially because of the final game of French soccer championship the very same night! (imdb)
No Rating
Belle maman Belle maman (1999)
Summary: As a man (Vincent Lindon) exchanges wedding vows with his pregnant fiancee (Mathilde Seigner), he spies her mother (Catherine Deneuve) and feels an instant attraction.
No Rating
Rien de grave Rien de grave (2004)  - Short Film
Summary: When an air traffic controller receives a distress signal from a jetliner's steward, explaining that he -- not the pilot -- is flying the plane, a flight instructor on the ground scrambles to save the day. (
No Rating
Amélie Amélie (2001)
Summary: Amelie, an innocent and naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice, decides to help those around her and along the way, discovers love. (imdb)