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Beah Richards

Date of Birth: Jul 12, 1912

Country: USA

Total Titles at Criticker: 19 - You've Seen 19

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Biography and picture submitted by Dunstan-xxx

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Titles You've Ranked (19)
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Homer and Eddie Homer and Eddie (1989)
Summary: A retarded man gets help from a sociopathic woman when tries to reunite with his dying father, who disowned him years earlier.
No Score
Drugstore Cowboy Drugstore Cowboy (1989)
Summary: A realistic road movie about a drug addict, his 'family', and their inevitable decline into crime. (imdb)
No Score
A Dream for Christmas A Dream for Christmas (1973)  - TV Movie
Summary: A Southern minister is assigned to a poor church in California where the congregation is drifting away and the church itself is scheduled for demolition.
No Score
Big Shots Big Shots (1987)
Summary: Following the death of his father, suburbanite Obie runs away from home and winds up on Chicago's South Side. After being mugged, he befriends con artist Scam. The two then embark on a Down South adventure involving gangsters, the police, and a search for Scam's father. (imdb)
No Score
As Summers Die As Summers Die (1986)  - TV Movie
Summary: The plot centers around a large area of land owned by an old black lady, Elvira Backus. It had been given to her by her one time employer and secret father of her two children, a southern patriarch. Discovering oil on the afore mentioned property, the patriarch's family tries to regain the land by destroying the deed and denying it ever existed. Coming to Elvira Backus's aid is attorney Willie Croft. He attempts to get back Elvira's land and leads the movie to it's eventual court scene.
No Score
Out of Darkness Out of Darkness (1994)  - TV Movie
Summary: This is story of Paulie Cooper, a former med student who becomes ill with paranoid schizophrenia and loses 18 years of her life due to the sickness. After her release from a mental ward Paulie struggles to rebuild her life with help from doctors, nurses and a new experimental medicine drug that would help aid her back to health. She spends the rest of her life re-adjusting to life outside of the institution and to a world that had misunderstood and shunned her.
No Score
And the Children Shall Lead And the Children Shall Lead (1985)  - TV Movie
Summary: Mississippi in the early '60s is the setting for this story of a 12-year-old African-American girl who, along with her white friends, tries to ease increasing racial tensions.
No Score
Acceptable Risks Acceptable Risks (1986)  - TV Movie
Summary: Oakbridge, a mid-size midwest American city, is the site of a major chemical disaster. At Citichem, the production manager, is forced to shortcut his safety procedures to speed up the production of a highly toxic and volatile chemical. Of course, as expected, an accident occurs. A worker is killed and the town is exposed to calamitous impacts. Cicely Tyson also co-stars as the City Manager who has misgivings about the whole operation.
No Score
Inside Out Inside Out (1986)
Summary: An agoraphobic must give up his sheltered life and venture outside after a series of personal and financial problems. (imdb)
No Score
Roots: The Next Generations Roots: The Next Generations (1979)  - TV Mini-Series
Summary: The dramatization of Alex Haley's family line from post Civil War America to the writer's search for his roots. (imdb)
No Score
The Miracle Worker The Miracle Worker (1962)
Summary: The story of Anne Sullivan's struggle to teach the blind and deaf Helen Keller how to communicate. (imdb)
No Score
Guess Who Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)
Summary: Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn play a couple whose attitudes are challenged when their daughter brings home a fiance who is black. (imdb)
No Score
In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night (1967)
Summary: An African American detective is asked to investigate a murder in a racist southern town. (imdb)
No Score
Mahogany Mahogany (1975)
Summary: Tracy, a young ghetto woman, puts herself through fashion school in the hopes of becoming one of the world's top designers. Her ambition leads her into the lives of people who are determined to get a piece of her long before she can realize her dream. (imdb)
No Score
Banjo the Woodpile Cat Banjo the Woodpile Cat (1979)  - Short Film
Summary: Banjo is a curious and rebellious kitten who is always getting into trouble. When he decides to jump off a roof to see if he can land on his feet, he is ordered to "fetch a switch". Thinking his parents wouldn't care if he gets hurt, he hitches a ride on a feed truck, all the way to the city. After finding the excitement of the city, he soon finds it cold and lonely and wishes to be home. With the help of stray cat, Crazy Legs, and a trio of singing cat girls, he sets off to find a truck home. (imdb)
No Score
Take a Giant Step Take a Giant Step (1959)
Summary: Here is the real rage behind today's tormented "Blue Jeans" Generation! Here's what makes them tick..What makes them tough..What makes them tremble..What makes them take a giant step! (imdb)
No Score
Gone Are the Days! Gone Are the Days! (1963)
Summary: A young, idealistic man returns home to the plantation where he grew up in servitude. With him, he brings his fiance, Lutiebelle, in hopes of convincing the plantation owner that she is really his cousin in order to secure the family inheritance. To aid in the comic complications that follow are his family members Missy and Gitlow, and the plantation owners endearing (but ineffectual) son Charlie. (imdb)
No Score
The Biscuit Eater The Biscuit Eater (1972)
Summary: In this touching adventure, a remake of the popular 1940 film, two Georgia boys ignore their racial differences to team up and befriend a feral bird dog, whom they train to participate in a fence-jumping contest. (imdb)
No Score
Beloved Beloved (1998)
Summary: After Paul D. finds his old slave friend Sethe in Ohio and moves in with her and her daughter Denver, a strange girl comes along by the name of "Beloved". Sethe and Denver take her in and then strange things start to happen... (imdb)