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Branka Katic

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Žena sa slomljenim nosem Žena sa slomljenim nosem (2010)
Summary: A young woman with a broken nose climbs out of a taxi in a traffic jam and throws herself off a bridge, leaving her baby in the car. That starts a chain of reactions of three eyewitnesses, which will in different ways change their lives...
No Score
Falsifikator Falsifikator (2013)
Summary: Andjelko is the principal of a middle school in a small Bosnian place Dubica. He believes in Yugoslavia and worships its leader Josip Broz Tito. Andjelko, however, has one serious fault: he is a forger, he makes forged school diplomas. He does not do this out of self-interest, but because he is a staunch philanthropist.
No Score
Novine Novine (2016)  - TV Series
Summary: The last independent newsroom in the country is taken over by a construction magnate for the reasons that have nothing to do with love or respect for journalism. (imdb)
No Score
Möbius Möbius (2013)
Summary: An FSB officer falls in love with his agent, an American woman, who works as a trader in a Russian bank.
No Score
Jagoda u supermarketu Jagoda u supermarketu (2003)
Summary: Ex-soldier, Marko, storms supermarket and takes all casheers captive because one of them insulted his grandmother. Jagoda is self-conscious country girl in her late 20's/early 30's who thinks that her "expiration date" has passed long time ago. Surreal situation, jazzed with comedy stunts, helps two characters (Marko and Jagoda) to find their place in world. (imdb)
No Score
We Are Not Angels We Are Not Angels (1992)
Summary: Angel and the devil fight for the soul of a Belgrade playboy who made a young girl pregnant. (imdb)
No Score
In July In July (2000)
Summary: A romantic road film, the story focuses on Daniel, a shy and naive physics teacher trying to get from Hamburg to Istanbul in 7 days in order to meet Melek, a woman he's fallen in love with. His wild odyssey is shared by Juli, a young woman hungry for life who predicts Daniel will soon find his one true love. On his way East, Daniel discovers a new self and learns to truly fight for his happiness. (Film Philos)
No Score
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996)
Summary: The film starts in the Belgrade army hospital where casualties of Bosnian civil war are treated. In the hospital they remember their youth and the war. The main focus is on two young boys, Halil (Nikola Pejakovic), a Muslim, and Milan (Dragan Bjelogric), a Serb, which have grown up together near a deserted tunnel linking the Yugoslav cities of Belgrade and Zagreb... (imdb)
No Score
Breaking and Entering Breaking and Entering (2006)
Summary: A story about theft, both criminal and emotional, Breaking & Entering follows a disparate group of long-term Londoners and new arrivals whose lives intersect in the inner-city area of King's Cross. (The Weinstein Company)
No Score
Black Cat, White Cat Black Cat, White Cat (1998)
Summary: The film centers around a group of gypsies who live on the banks of the Danube River. (USA Films)