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Bridget Boland

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Spies of the Air Spies of the Air (1940)
Summary: Set just before the outbreak of WWII, this is the story of a test pilot who works for the (unnamed) enemy. Made in 1939, by the time it was released in 1940, war had been declared. (imdb)
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He Found a Star He Found a Star (1941)
Summary: Lucky Lyndon and his devoted secretary Ruth use their talent agency to find and help unknowns who need an opportunity. (imdb)
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The Fake The Fake (1953)
Summary: An American has to guard da Vinci's "Madonna and Child" when it is being shown in Britain. When it arrives he suspects it is not the real painting. (imdb)
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The Prisoner The Prisoner (1955)
Summary: Based on the real-life travails of Hungarian Cardinal Mindszenty, who after suffering under Nazi persecution was imprisoned by the new Communist regime for remaining loyal to his religious convictions. Guinness plays a Cardinal who is clapped into jail. He is ordered by the politicos to issue a phony statement to his flock, one that will effectively end Catholicism in his country. Jack Hawkins plays the diabolically clever "Interrogator", who is almost successful in convincing Guinness that his (Answers.com)
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Anne of the Thousand Days Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)
Summary: He was King. She was barely 18. And in their thousand days they played out the most passionate and shocking love story in history! (imdb)
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War and Peace War and Peace (1956)
Summary: Spruced up adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's epic novel about the life of a Russian family during the War of 1812. The historical and personal events are seen mostly through the eyes of Natasha, who is 16 years old at the start of the movie. Contains many panoramic shots of battle in action. (imdb)