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Bruno Ziener

Total Credits at Criticker: 5 (Actor)

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    Die Frau, nach der man sich sehnt
    Southern France, the present. About to marry, Charles Leblanc glimpses beautiful Stascha with her autocratic older companion, Karoff. They meet shortly after on a train. Stascha confesses she and Karoff murdered her husband, and asks for his help to escape from Karoff. She introduces Leblanc as her cousin, and the three go to an alpine hotel for a frantic New Year's eve party. The police arrive next morning. Karoff draws a gun and kills Stascha, leaving a distraught Leblanc cradling her body. (imdb)
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    By the director of Cabinet of Dr.Caligari, this is the Passion embedded in a contemporary story. An anarchist jailed for an attempted assassination is told the Passion story by the prison chaplain... (imdb)
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    Bomben auf Monte Carlo
    The captain of a battleship of a small Balkan country is fed up with following strange orders from the country's queen, who wants to make a cruise to the Med inspite of the fact that the country is broke and the crew didn't get its salary. So he decides to disobey orders and commands his ship to Monte Carlo, but the queen decides to go there too. He loses his money there at the casino, but the queen falls in love with him. (imdb)
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    Durchs Brandenburger Tor. Solang noch Untern Linden...
    In the year 1914: The assistants of cobbler Lehmann compete for the affections of his daughter Frieda. Actually she's in love with her ambitious cousin Fritz, but the cunning Franz knows how to string her along. When Fritz gets drafted, Frieda gives in and marries Franz. Soon Fritz is declared missing and the old cobbler dies of grief. Along the way Franz, who dodged the military service, earns his money with large-scale racketeering.
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    Die Stunde der Versuchung
    A neglected wife goes to the opera with her lawyer husband. When he is called away during the performance, she befriends a bon vivant and ends up back at his apartment, where he's shot in the back by an unknown assailant...
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