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Bülent Kayabas

Country: Turkey

Total Titles at Criticker: 36 - You've Seen 36

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Soyguncular Soyguncular (1973)
Summary: Selma is a secretary. She makes marriage plans with his boss's son Erol. The gangster Savas wants to rob Erol's factory. Belma, who is a singer in his club, resembles very much Selma. Erol's men kidnap Selma, and Belma takes her place. However Belma really falls in love with Erol and goes to talk with Savas to influence him to give up harming Erol. Selma is blamed for the robbery, and has been put into prison for a crime she has not committed. (imdb)
No Score
Hicran Sokagi Hicran Sokagi (2007)
Summary: It lives in a Bosphorus neighborhood , medium gain or poor ... but always hopeful , loving each other , even in anger and fight sober people is the story of ...
No Score
Veda Veda (1974)
Summary: Little Ilker's father has died when he was very small. His mother Selma is a famous singer who is always on tour. Ilker goes to boarding-school, and he misses his mother a lot. He gets disappointed when his mother doesn't come to pick him up on weekends. One day, he follows his mom to Izmir, where she is on tour. Selma gets angry at him for doing so. Ilker injures himself as he falls down while riding a horse. In the hospital, it turns out the boy has leukemia. Selma now leaves her job and spend
No Score
100 lira ile evlenilmez 100 lira ile evlenilmez (1974)
Summary: Romantic comedy of love of two penniless photographers
No Score
Umut Dunyasi Umut Dunyasi (1973)
Summary: Ahmet is a worker who dreams of migrating to Australia as he thinks it is full of welfare and riches. One day she meets a girl at his window and everything changes.
No Score
Ayri dünyalar Ayri dünyalar (1974)
Summary: Kemal is a casino owner, Tayyar is after his casino. Asli goes to a boarding-school, her granny is a flower seller from whom Kemal always buys some. Asli's father is in jail. One day Kemal hits Asli with his car, they become friends. She wants him to come to the school party, introducing him as her father. Tayyar's assassin shoots Kemal, Asli nurses him as he is released from hospital.
No Score
Utanç Utanç (1972)
Summary: A girl to be married is raped. She becomes a singer and loves a worker
No Score
Görgüsüzler Görgüsüzler (1982)
Summary: A comedy film in spirit of former Gırgıriye films
No Score
Aci Hayat Aci Hayat (1973)
Summary: Kerem (Romeo) and Ebru (Juliet) fall in love with eachother without knowing that their families are enemies. Can their love surpass the boundaries and become eternal? No it can't, instead, they prefer to die by waiting in a car, close to the hotel with the funny people.
No Score
Ne olacak simdi Ne olacak simdi (1979)
Summary: The funny love and marriage story of 4 people 2 of who is a couple that want to divorce and the other 2 are their attorneys.
No Score
Firildak Ailesi Firildak Ailesi (2017)
Summary: One night, when all the women are abducted from the village, Sabri Firildak and his friends enter a magical forest to get their wives back. (imdb)
No Score
Bir Baba Hindu Bir Baba Hindu (2016)
Summary: Fadil, one of the fiercest mobsters of Turkey, one day falls in love with his Indian yoga instructor, Gundhi. Once Gundhi is kidnapped from Fadil's mansion Fadil sets out to India with his trustworthy friend Hulusi. He plans to rescue Gundhi and win her heart but this is a tough job as Gundhi's mother is one of the fiercest mobsters of India. With the help of a Turkish municipality worker in Mumbai, Fadil and Hulusi get entangled in numerous adventures as they try to reach Gundhi. (imdb)
No Score
Bereketli topraklar üzerinde Bereketli topraklar üzerinde (1980)
Summary: Restorated by Başak Groupama this missing film tells the story of three friends struggling to survive in the fertile plains in southeast Turkey. Bald Hasan, Wrestler Ali, and Hopeless Case Yusuf travel to Çukurova to find work.
No Score
Asi Gençler Asi Gençler (1972)
Summary: Turkish drama in which Kadir Inanir plays a bad young person in a rare case. It tells the stories of young people falling in wrong paths.
No Score
Korkunç tecavüz Korkunç tecavüz (1972)
Summary: A young girl is raped and murdered at the forest. A female teacher is the next target. He'll try to rape & kill the sexy teacher who has seen his eyes and could recognize him.
No Score
Tesekkür Ederim Büyükanne Tesekkür Ederim Büyükanne (1975)
Summary: Remake of Grazie... nonna (1975)
No Score
Acele koca araniyor Acele koca araniyor (1975)
Summary: Apti marries another woman after his wife, Melike, dies at a plane crash. But it appears at the wedding day that Melike actually survived the accident. Comical events occur thereafter.
No Score
Yalanci yarim Yalanci yarim (2006)  - TV Series
Summary: A Turkish love story series
No Score
Boynu bükükler Boynu bükükler (1985)
Summary: Emrah' father is an Agha. He kicks out Emrah and his mother, believing in lies against them. Thereafter, a hard fate begins for Emrah and his mother
No Score
Fasulye Fasulye (2000)
Summary: The duty of taking the tax return forms of the villagers to the big city is assigned to a naive young guy. The villagers trust him, and hand their tax return forms to him. Taking the forms along with the lunchbox full of beans his mother cooked for him, he's underway. But he meets some weird people on the way, who also run into some other weird people, and things start to follow an unexpected path for everyone involved, bringing hillarious moments along. (imdb)
No Score
Devlet Kusu Devlet Kusu (1980)
Summary: This is one of the tragicomic films of Kemal Sunal who is most "serious-comic" artist of the Turkish cinema. This film also reflects socio-economic and cultural life of the 70's-80's Turkiye. The film obviously talk to Turkish audience but who wonder that era of Turkiye can taste of it. The film underlines of love, friendship and -richness in the poorness- and also is a story about the people who prefers love, instead of money and fortune. (imdb)
No Score
Arkadasim seytan Arkadasim seytan (1988)
Summary: Faith (Alanson) is a struggling musician whose efforts did not pay. One night disappointed, he talks to his "Plastic Sweetheart" a realistic-looking mannequin in a shop window (Ozdemiroglu) that, "he could even sell his soul to the Devil for fame"...and then he sees the Devil himself (Poyrazoglu). They make a deal that Faith, will sell his soul to the Devil and the Devil will strike him to fame, using the record executives, venue owners and commercial executives whom he had their souls... (imdb)
No Score
Çinliler geliyor Çinliler geliyor (2006)
Summary: Liberation Day is getting close in a typical West Anatolian town with two stored wooden houses, a square and narrow streets. A bunch of locals are gathered to form a choir, to perform classical Turkish music in the celebrations... (cinlilergeliyor.com)
No Score
Zübük Zübük (1980)
Summary: This is the story of the politician named Zubuk. He gets expelled from the political party that he is a member of, due to corruption. The journalist Yasar wants to make a news story about his case and investigates Zubuk's doings. Yasar gets baffled at the sly tricks Zubuk played on his village people. In the end, he feels sorry about his Zubuk's present situation, however, as things happen he becomes aware that Zubuk has been tricking him. (imdb)
No Score
Abuk Sabuk Bir Film Abuk Sabuk Bir Film (1990)
Summary: A Turkish comedy from 1990 starring Kemal Sunal
No Score
Filler ve Çimen Filler ve Çimen (2000)
Summary: Revolves around six different stories that eventually merge into a common theme. There's Hawa, who hopes running the Eurasia Marathon will win her the money she needs to help her crippled brother; a local Mafioso who kills a hotel owner; the hotel owner's son; and various corrupt politicians, state officials, and cocaine smugglers... (All Movie Guide)
No Score
Balans ve manevra Balans ve manevra (2005)
Summary: Lots of problems, lots of intersects. With a melancholic view to life and Bodrum. Teoman's, a Turkish Rock singer, first movie.
No Score
Askerin dönüsü Askerin dönüsü (1974)
Summary: A movie that tells about two different worlds, a man who has to do smuggling to look after his family in country and a soldier who has to shoot him because smuggler tries to run away. Story starts after this, looking into soldier's psychology and smuggler's family.
No Score
Kareteci kiz Kareteci kiz (1974)
Summary: Deaf-mute blondie (Akin) lives a poor but idyllic life with her old father working as florists. One day five escaped convicts visits their house. They kill the old man, rape the girl and steal all their money. (imdb)
No Score
Insaat 2 Insaat 2 (2014)
Summary: Right after released from the prison after ten years Ali and Sudi find two bodies on the beach.
No Score
My Friend Frankenstein My Friend Frankenstein (1975)
Summary: Timur is a believer in the power of science. He carries out experiments to defy death. Turkish Frankenstein
No Score
Saskin damat Saskin damat (1975)
Summary: A gardener named Apti falls in love with the nephew of his wealthy boss.
No Score
Güllü geliyor Güllü Güllü geliyor Güllü (1973)
Summary: Kumcular and Kumcuogullari are two families from the Black Sea region of Turkey and they have a blood feud between them for long years. Güllü (Türkan Soray) comes to Istanbul with his gun to kill Ali (Ediz Hun) from the other family.
No Score
Nikah masasi Nikah masasi (1982)
Summary: This is a film that is also the name of the song called Nikah Masasi. Probably it's invented plot and stale dialogs gave it a cult status by some people in course of time as many other examples of 80's Yesilcam.
No Score
Iz Iz (1994)
Summary: A man, Cezmi is found to be dead shot from his face. Although police closes the case considering that it's a suicide, detective Kemal insists on investigating how Cezmi is died. He starts the way to find a picture of Cezmi since his face is unrecognizable. (imdb user review)
No Score
Pardon Pardon (2005)
Summary: Based on a true event, Pardon tells the tragicomic story of three friends who end up in prison when they are mistaken as members of a terrorist organization. Ibrahim's fear of uniforms makes him runaway whenever he sees one. Because of this, police mistakes him with a terrorist and takes him and his friend Muzo into custody. Fooled by the police during the interrogation they name another friend, Aydin, in hope of saving themselves. As they all end up in prison, they remember the families and lovers they left behind. (imdb)