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Cameron Diaz

Date of Birth: Aug 30, 1972

Country: USA

Biography: Cameron Michelle Diaz is an American actress and former model. She became famous during the 1990s with roles in the movies The Mask, My Best Friend's Wedding, and There's Something About Mary. Other notable movie credits include Charlie's Angels, and voicing the character Princess Fiona for the Shrek series. Diaz received Golden Globe award nominations for her performances in the movies There's Something About Mary, Being John Malkovich, Vanilla Sky, and Gangs of New York...(Wikipedia)

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Titles You've Rated (43)
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No Rating
My Sister My Sister's Keeper (2009)
Summary: Anna Fitzgerald looks to earn medical emancipation from her parents who until now have relied on their youngest child to help their leukemia-stricken daughter Kate remain alive. (imdb)
No Rating
The Box The Box (2009)
Summary: An unhappily married couple receive a small box on their doorstep. At the push of a button, the box brings its bearer instant wealth but also instantly kills someone the bearer doesn't know.
No Rating
Shrek 4-D Shrek 4-D (2003)
Summary: Lord Farquaad was eaten by the dragon, but his ghost has returned, and he's still evil. With the help of his henchman, Thelonious, he kidnaps Fiona. Shrek and the donkey set out to save her, with help from the dragon, before she goes over a waterfall on a raft. (imdb)
No Rating
Shrek Forever After Shrek Forever After (2010)
Summary: A bored and domesticated Shrek pacts with deal-maker Rumpelstiltskin to get back to feeling like a real ogre again, but when he's duped and sent to a twisted version of Far Far Away -- where Rumpelstiltskin is king, ogres are hunted, and he and Fiona have never met -- he sets out to restore his world and reclaim his true love. (imdb)
No Rating
Keys to Tulsa Keys to Tulsa (1997)
Summary: Richter Boudreau is a son of local celebrity Cynthia who is not very successful and works as a film critic for local newspaper. In a short time he loses his job, heritage, and one of his "friends" starts to blackmail him. His only hope is that others around him are even bigger dummies. (imdb)
No Rating
What Happens in Vegas... What Happens in Vegas... (2008)
Summary: Set in Sin City, story revolves around two people who discover they've gotten married following a night of debauchery, with one of them winning a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter. Unhappy pair try to undermine each other and get their hands on the money -- falling in love along the way. (imdb)
No Rating
The Holiday The Holiday (2006)
Summary: A story about two women who trade homes for the holidays only to find that a change of address can change their lives.
No Rating
Shrek the Third Shrek the Third (2007)
Summary: When his new father-in-law, King Harold falls ill, Shrek is looked at as the heir to the land of Far, Far Away. Not one to give up his beloved swamp, Shrek recruits his friends Donkey and Puss in Boots to install the rebellious Artie as the new king.
No Rating
Shrek the Halls Shrek the Halls (2007)  - Short Film
Summary: This half-hour animated TV special features the Shrek characters putting their own spin on holiday traditions.
No Rating
Knight and Day Knight and Day (2010)
Summary: A wholesome, Midwestern woman accidentally gets involved with an international super spy and is forced to flee the country with him while he protects a dangerous new piece of technology.
No Rating
The Green Hornet The Green Hornet (2011)
Summary: Seth Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg (Superbad) apply their trademark humor to the superhero genre in this big-screen action-adventure about a newspaper-publishing playboy (Rogen) who dons a disguise to fight crime after hours. As the Green Hornet, Britt Reid's power is no longer limited to the printed page -- and thanks to a nimble martial-arts expert (Jay Chou), he has the skills to expose the city's roughest criminals.
No Rating
The Counselor The Counselor (2013)
Summary: A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.
No Rating
The Other Woman The Other Woman (2014)
Summary: After discovering her boyfriend is married, Carly soon meets the wife he's been cheating on. And when yet another affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on the three-timing SOB. (imdb)
No Rating
Sex Tape Sex Tape (2014)
Summary: When Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) first got together, their romantic connection was intense - but ten years and two kids later, the flame of their love needs a spark. To kick things up a notch, they decide - why not? - to make a video of themselves trying out every position in The Joy of Sex in one marathon three-hour session. It seems like a great idea - until they discover that their most private video is no longer private. (imdb)
No Rating
Annie Annie (2014)
Summary: Business tycoon and mayoral candidate Benjamin Stacks launches a campaign to take in Annie, a young girl who has been living with her mean foster mom Miss Hannigan since her parents left her as a baby. (imdb)
No Rating
The Unbelievers The Unbelievers (2013)
Summary: Renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss cross the globe as they speak publicly about the importance of science and reason in the modern world. (imdb)
No Rating
Donkey Donkey's Caroling Christmas-tacular (2010)  - Short Film
Summary: Donkey suggests everyone sing Christmas carols. Donkey sings "It's the Most Wonderful Time". Shrek, Fiona, the Ogre children, and the army of ogres sing an ogre version of "Jingle Bells" (i.e. "Bug Cocoon, Lick the spoon. Try our cricket slurp). Puss in Boots sings "Feliz Navidad", although he titles it "Fleas Navidad". Then everyone sings "Jingle Bell Rock", but they title it "Fairy Tale Rock". (imdb)
No Rating
Bad Teacher Bad Teacher (2011)
Summary: Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey, a scheming and coarse-tongued middle school teacher who gets dumped by her wealthy boyfriend and rebounds by sinking her claws into a handsome substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake). There's just one problem, though: He's already dating Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), the most revered teacher on campus. And Ms. Squirrel is not at all eager to hand over her beau, who is slated to inherit his family's fortune.
No Rating
What to Expect When You What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)
Summary: A look at the lives of five couples as they prepare to become parents. (imdb)
No Rating
Gambit Gambit (2012)
Summary: An art curator decides to seek revenge on his abusive boss by conning him into buying a fake Monet, but his plan requires the help of an eccentric and unpredictable Texas rodeo queen. (imdb)
No Rating
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (2000)
Summary: An anthology of five loosely connected stories dealing with a variety of very different women in dealing with their own life problems... (imdb)
No Rating
The Last Supper The Last Supper (1995)
Summary: A group of idealistic, but frustrated, liberals succumb to the temptation of murdering rightwing pundits for their political beliefs. (imdb)
No Rating
Gangs of New York Gangs of New York (2002)
Summary: Having seen his father killed in a major gang fight in New York, young Amsterdam Vallon is spirited away for his own safety. Some years later, he returns to the scene of his father's death, the notorious Five Points district in New York. It's 1863 and lower Manhattan is run by gangs, the most powerful of which is the Natives, headed by Bill "The Butcher" Cutting. He believes that America should belong to native-born Americans and opposes the waves of immigrants, mostly Irish, entering the city. (imdb)
No Rating
The Invisible Circus The Invisible Circus (2001)
Summary: Set in 1976, an 18 year old girl decides to travel to Europe in search of answers about the death of her sister six years earlier.
No Rating
A Life Less Ordinary A Life Less Ordinary (1997)
Summary: Ewan McGregor stars as a cleaning man in L.A. who takes his boss's daughter hostage after being fired and replaced by a robot. Two "angels" who are in charge of human relationships on earth, offer some unsolicited help to bring this unlikely couple together. The "angels" are so successful that the daughter soon turns on her father in order to save her captor. (imdb)
No Rating
The Mask The Mask (1994)
Summary: An ancient mask transforms a mild-mannered bank clerk.
No Rating
Feeling Minnesota Feeling Minnesota (1996)
Summary: Feeling Minnesota explores the tormented relationship between two brothers, Sam (D'Onofrio) and Jjaks (Reeves), and the young woman, Freddie (Diaz), who comes between them. (Fine Line)
No Rating
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Summary: When a writing assignment lands journalist Raoul Duke and sidekick Dr. Gonzo in Las Vegas, they decide to make it the ultimate business trip. But before long, business is forgotten and trip has become the key word. Fueled by a suitcase full of mind-bending pharmaceuticals, Duke and Gonzo set off on a fast and furious ride through nonstop neon, surreal surroundings and a crew of the craziest characters ever.
No Rating
Being John Malkovich Being John Malkovich (1999)
Summary: Craig, a puppeteer, takes a filing job in a low-ceilinged office in Manhattan. Although married to the slightly askew Lotte, he hits on a colleague, the sexually frank Maxine. She's bored but snaps awake when he finds a portal leading inside John Malkovich: for 15 minutes you see, hear, and feel whatever JM is doing, then you fall out by the New Jersey Turnpike... (imdb)
No Rating
Charlie Charlie's Angels (2000)
Summary: A trio of elite private investigators (Diaz, Barrymore, Liu) armed with the latest in high-tech tools track down a kidnapped computer ace and keep his top-secret voice-identification software out of lethal hands. (Columbia Pictures)
No Rating
Charlie Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)
Summary: In the Angels' new adventure, the captivating trio once again demonstrates their expertise as masters of espionage, martial arts, and disguise. (Sony)
No Rating
My Best Friend My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)
Summary: Best friends since college, Jules (Roberts) and Michael (Mulroney) made a pact that if neither had found someone to love by the age of 28, they would marry each other. Now it's their 28th year of life, and Michael just popped the question. There's only one problem: he popped it to someone else. (Sony Pictures Entertainment)
No Rating
My Date with Drew My Date with Drew (2004)
Summary: Ever since the second grade when he first saw her in "E.T. The Extraterrestrial," Brian Herzlinger has had a crush on Drew Barrymore. Now, 20 years later he's decided to try to fulfill his lifelong dream by asking her for a date. There's one small problem: She's Drew Barrymore and he's, well, Brian Herzlinger, a broke 27-year-old aspiring filmmaker from New Jersey. But that doesn't stop Brian and his film school pals from doing everything they can think of to convince Barrymore to go out with him -- and documenting their quest along the way. (DEJ Productions)
No Rating
Very Bad Things Very Bad Things (1998)
Summary: A group of friends head to Las Vegas for a bachelor party.. only things go wrong and a woman is killed. Soon, the bodies are piling up and the friends find themselves turning against one another as the coverup builds. (imdb)
No Rating
In Her Shoes In Her Shoes (2005)
Summary: Maggie (Diaz) and Rose Feller (Collette) are both best friends and polar opposites when it comes to values, goals and personal style. This is the alternately hilarious and heart-rending story of two sisters with nothing in common but size 8 ½ feet. (20th Century Fox)
No Rating
She She's the One (1996)
Summary: How do siblings deal with each other in their targets? This is the question tackled in this movie. (imdb)
No Rating
Head Above Water Head Above Water (1996)
Summary: A prominent judge, his wife, her ex-lover, their neighbor and a dead body that complicates their lives. (imdb)
No Rating
Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky (2001)
Summary: Snowboarding through life, David Aames (Cruise) appears to lead a charmed life. In one night David meets a girl of his dreams and loses her by making a small mistake. Thrust unexpectedly onto a roller-coaster ride of romance, comedy, suspicion, love, sex and dreams, David finds himself on a mind-bending search for his soul and discovers the precious, ephemeral nature of true love. (Paramount Pictures)
No Rating
There There's Something About Mary (1998)
Summary: There's something about Mary that still bewitches Ted. Although he hasn't seen her in over a dozen years, since that shameful prom night, his heart still flutters at the recollection of her. He's still crazy about her after all these years, and curious as to her whereabouts. At the insistence of his good friend Dom, he hires private eye Pat Healy to track her down in Miami.
No Rating
Shrek Shrek (2001)
Summary: Once upon a time in a far away swamp, there lived an ornery ogre named Shrek (Myers) whose precious solitude is suddenly shattered by an invasion of annoying fairy-tale characters. (Dreamworks SKG)
No Rating
Shrek 2 Shrek 2 (2004)
Summary: The fairy tale continues as everyone's favorite ogre faces his greatest challenge of all -- the inlaws! (DreamWorks)
No Rating
The Sweetest Thing The Sweetest Thing (2002)
Summary: A romantic comedy without the sugar, The Sweetest Thing is a fresh twist on the search for love. (Columbia Pictures)
No Rating
Any Given Sunday Any Given Sunday (1999)
Summary: Professional football provides the action-packed backdrop of Oliver Stone's look at contemporary society through the dynamic prism of professional sports. (Warner Brothers)