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Carl Theodor Dreyer

Date of Birth: Feb 3, 1889

Country: Denmark

Biography: Considered by many to be one of history's greatest directors, Denmark's Carl Theodor Dreyer is most well known for 1932's The Passion of Joan of Arc. His beautifully-shot films tend to concentrate on the human condition, and stand out for their simplicity and intelligence.

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Två människor Två människor (1945)
Summary: Two People is set in contemporary Stockholm. From a montage of newspaper headlines and close-ups of chemical instruments we learn that a young researcher, Arne Lundell, has been accused of plagiarising an older rival, Professor Sander. The rest of the film takes place in Lundell's apartment; he and his wife, Marianne, are the only characters. (carlthdreyer.dk)
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Die Gezeichneten Die Gezeichneten (1922)
Summary: "Die Gezeichneten" was the fourth film directed by the Danish Carl Theodor Dreyer in the silent year of 1922; it is not a well-known film but has survived in different prints in four different silent archives around the silent world. The film was a German production and had the participation of many international actors although Dreyer preferred Russian actors for the main characters of the film because he thought that they were better than the German actors. (imdb)
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Storstrømsbroen Storstrømsbroen (1950)  - Short Film
Summary: A short documentary on Storstom Bridge in Denmark.
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The Bride of Glomdal The Bride of Glomdal (1926)
Summary: Sweeping lyricism infuses the whole of "Glomdalsbruden", which Dreyer made in Norway. Tore, son of a poor farmer, loves Berit, daughter of a rich one, but she is promised to another man whom she does not love and whom she refuses to marry. (www.nfi.no)
No Score
Mødrehjælpen Mødrehjælpen (1942)  - Short Film
Summary: Danish PSA about the Mothers' Aid institution, a service that helps mothers and potential mothers cope with problems they may run into mothering.
No Score
Pavilionens hemmelighed Pavilionens hemmelighed (1916)
Summary: A Danish crime film which Carl Theodor Dreyer worked on as a writer.
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Ned Med Vaabnene Ned Med Vaabnene (1914)
Summary: An upperclass war widow marries again. The new husband is also an officer, and soon he has to go to the next war. At the outbreak, she's the only one who does not cheer about it. And the terrors of war soon bring almost all of her friends and relatives, among them generals and high government officials to the same conclusion: War does not pay. (imdb)
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Carl Th. Dreyer Carl Th. Dreyer (1966)  - Short Film
Summary: At the world premiere of "Gertrud" in Paris, December 1964, Dreyer is greeted by many celebrities of the French cinema: Clouzot, Langlois, Truffaut, Godard, Anna Karina. Afterwards Dreyer delivers short comments on the style of each of his films. (imdb)
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Dr. Cook, nordpolens opdager Dr. Cook, nordpolens opdager (1909)  - Short Film
Summary: Clips of the explorer Dr. Frederick Albert Cook.
No Score
Leaves from Satan Leaves from Satan's Book (1921)
Summary: The content of the film is implicit in the title: we are witness to the power of Evil through the ages, linked together by images of turning pages... (All Movie Guide)
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Michael Michael (1924)
Summary: Mikaël is an artist who rises as his teacher, the aging Zoret, falls. Zoret gives Mikaël his start, and their relationship is sexual as well. Then Mikaël takes up with the Princess Zamikoff, selling gifts from Zoret and even stealing from the master to pay for his carnal and luxurious life with her (imdb)
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Landsbykirken Landsbykirken (1947)  - Short Film
Summary: The history of Danish country church architecture is told by showing scenes of how the church was used by the congregation, beginning with the celebration of mass in a small and simple wooden church 800 years ago, and ending with the congregation singing in a village church of to-day. (MUBI)
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Kampen mod kræften Kampen mod kræften (1947)  - Short Film
Summary: A Danish PSA urging people to see the doctor before it's too late to cure their cancer.
No Score
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time (1922)
Summary: A Danish prince who, much through stratagem, tames a rebellious princess into loving, marrying and obeying him. (imdb)
No Score
The Passion of Joan of Arc The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)
Summary: The sufferings of a martyr, Jeanne D'Arc (1412-1431). Jeanne appears in court where Cauchon questions her and d'Estivet spits on her... (imdb)
No Score
Gertrud Gertrud (1964)
Summary: In the elegant world of artists and musicians, Gertrud ends her marriage to Gustav and takes a lover, the composer Erland Jansson (imdb)
No Score
Ordet Ordet (1955)
Summary: It is set among the peasants in West Jutland, and poses the question of whether miracles are possible (kirjasto.sci.fi)
No Score
Day of Wrath Day of Wrath (1943)
Summary: In a 17th-century Danish village, an old woman is accused of witchcraft. In the shadow of her flight, capture, confession, and burning at the stake, the young wife of the town's aging pastor falls in love with the pastor's son (imdb)
No Score
Medea Medea (1988)  - TV Movie
Summary: A shocking look into the disturbed mind of a woman who has been scorned and left. Medea's revenge is horrible but never unbelievable. She does what every sane person would do, when deprived of all that she loves.
No Score
The President The President (1919)
Summary: The judge in a Danish town sees his illegitimate daughter facing a trial for the murder of her newborn child... (imdb)
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The Witch Woman The Witch Woman (1920)
Summary: Story of a young graduate of divinity who is forced to marry an old parson's widow to obtain the living she held from her dead husband (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
The Castle Within the Castle The Castle Within the Castle (1955)  - Short Film
Summary: The castle of Krogen, built c. 1420, is inside the later castle of Kronborg. Reconstruction of Kronborg gave a chance to study early castles. Models of both are shown. (ftvdb.bfi.org.uk)
No Score
They Caught the Ferry They Caught the Ferry (1948)  - Short Film
Summary: This short movie is meant as a propaganda against fast driving. In 1948 there where no speed limits in Denmark (and only few motor vehicles) but it began to be a problem. The movie tells about a young couple driving on a motorbike to reach the ferry. But death is out after them, as a truck driver on the road. The question is if they will make the ferry, have an appointment with death or both? (imdb)
No Score
Thorvaldsen Thorvaldsen (1949)  - Short Film
Summary: Short about the famous Danish sculptor
No Score
Master of the House Master of the House (1925)
Summary: A spare, compassionate, and astute social satire on domesticity, gender roles, and subservience.
No Score
Vampyr Vampyr (1932)
Summary: Young traveller Allan Gray arrives in a remote castle and starts seeing weird, inexplicable sights (a man whose shadow has a life of its own) (imdb)