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Carlo Rim

Total Credits at Criticker: 1 (Director), 8 (Writer)

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    Zou Zou tries to help her childhood friend prove his innocence after he's accused of murder.
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    The aunt of Alfred Puc, a meek tax-collector in Paris, dies while riding in a moving van. The driver, not wishing to be bothered by a police interrogation, hides her corpse in a cupboard before notifying Alfred. But the van is stolen. Alfred, being the heir of a rich lady, begins a frantic search to locate the missing van and the cupboard because one can't claim an inheritance if there is no 'corpus delecti.' (imdb)
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    Justin de Marseille
    A respected gangster, Justin, finds himself in a deadly feud with his rival, the unscrupulous Esposito. The latter plans to steal a cargo of opium bound for China and to have Justin killed.
    Probable Score
    27 rue de la Paix
    A womanizer's lover' s dead body is found in the Seine. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Le mort en fuite
    Two failed actors prepare a publicity scheme where one will pretend to have killed the other, only for him to show up at the murder trial and exonerate his friend. Things become complicated when his "murdered" friend fails to show up.
    Probable Score
    Valley of Hell
    Near a quarry, men work under a blistering sun.A forty-something ,mad about his young wife, takes his parents to a home for retired people. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    The Seven Deadly Sins
    A portmanteau film covering each of the seven deadly sins.
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    Portrait of a two-faced man. By day he is rich, brilliant and respectable financial officer Lussac; at night, he becomes "Mirror", a ruthless gang leader in Marseilles.
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