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Claire Denis

Country: France

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US Go Home US Go Home (1994)  - TV Episode
Summary: In the sixties, in a suburb near Paris, Martine wants to lose her virginity. (imdb)
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White Material White Material (2009)
Summary: Denis revisits Africa, this time exploring a place rife with civil and racial conflict. A white French family outlawed in its home and attempting to save its coffee plantation connects with a black hero also embroiled in the tumult. All try to survive as their world rapidly crumbles around them. (imdb)
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No Fear, No Die No Fear, No Die (1990)
Summary: Dah and Jocelyn come from Benin, Africa, to coach their rooster, "S'en fout la mort", for an illicit cock-fight in the basement of a restaurant. (imdb)
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To the Devil To the Devil (2011)  - Short Film
Summary: As research for her next feature, Denis travels to French Guiana to meet Jean Bena, a notorious figure celebrated by some and demonized by others. She brings with her the young actor who will play the Bena character in her film. In the process, she weaves in the history of the nearby Aluku, an isolated tribe descended from African slaves who fled into the jungle rather than be pressed into work in the gold mines. (Harvard Film Archive)
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Bastards Bastards (2013)
Summary: Container ship captain Marco Silvestri is called urgently back to Paris. His sister, Sandra, is desperate... her husband has committed suicide, the family business has gone under, her daughter has been admitted into psychiatric care. Sandra accuses the powerful businessman, Edouard Laporte of being responsible. Determined to find the businessman's weak spot and exact a terrible revenge for the violence done to his family, (mubi.com)
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Trespassing Bergman Trespassing Bergman (2013)
Summary: In the mid 1960s Swedish director Ingmar Bergman built a house on the remote island of Fårö. Throughout his life, the exact location of the house was a well-guarded secret. Here Bergman lived and shot some of his seminal films until his death in 2007. In TRESPASSING BERGMAN the audience is taken to the house together with directors such as Alejandro González Iñárritu, Claire Denis, Michael Haneke and others, to tell the story of Bergman, his island and some of his most central films. (ffm-montreal.org)
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Jacques Rivette - Le veilleur Jacques Rivette - Le veilleur (1994)
Summary: Serge Daney interviews Jacques Rivette.
No Score
Let the Sunshine In Let the Sunshine In (2017)
Summary: Adapted from Roland Barthes' A Lover's Discourse: Fragments, which deconstructs the language of love. (imdb)
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Vers Mathilde Vers Mathilde (2005)
Summary: Documentary about the French choreographer, Mathilde Monnier.
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35 rhums 35 rhums (2008)
Summary: The relationship between a father and daughter is complicated by the arrival of a handsome young man.
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The Intruder The Intruder (2004)
Summary: A mysterious and enthralling story about fresh starts and the possibility of escape, both a tale of inner and outer traveling. The film follows the global travels of an enigmatic 68-year-old man (Subor) who goes looking for a long-lost son and a new organ to replace his ailing heart. (Wellspring)
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Trouble Every Day Trouble Every Day (2001)
Summary: Shane and June Brown are an American couple honeymooning in Paris in an effort to nurture their new life together, a life complicated by Shane's mysterious visits to a medical clinic where cutting edge studies of the human libido are undertaken.
No Score
Friday Night Friday Night (2002)
Summary: Having packed up her possessions to move in with her lover, Laure is more unsettled than she appears. Needing to get out and have a change of scenery, she jumps in her car to go to have dinner with friends--only to become stuck in a terrible traffic jam. Laure completely forgot about the mass transit strike that has thrown the city into chaos. But Laure feels good in her car, the only place she has for herself right now... (imdb)
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Nénette et Boni Nénette et Boni (1996)
Summary: Teenage siblings Nenette and Boni were raised apart as a result of their parents' divorce. Their mother, who doted on her son Boni, has died. He works for an interesting couple as a pizza baker, and is surprised and enraged when his younger sister, having run away from boarding school, suddenly turns up. There's a problem that they must confront. (imdb)
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Ten Minutes Older: The Cello Ten Minutes Older: The Cello (2002)
Summary: Collection of short films the summaries of which include; a foreign man moving to Italy, getting married and having a child; a four split scene short involving plotless images of old people with television sets for heads, a beautiful woman having sex, and overall confusion; and an old man reminiscing over his youth. (imdb)
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I Can I Can't Sleep (1994)
Summary: Beautiful Daiga (Katerina Golubeva) has emigrated from Lithuania to Paris and is looking for a place to stay and work. Theo (Alex Descas) is a struggling musician, and his brother Camille (Richard Courcat)- a transvestite dancer. One of these three people might be connected to the serial "Granny Killer" who has been terrorizing Paris for a while. (imdb)
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Chocolat Chocolat (1988)
Summary: A young French woman returns to the vast silence of West Africa to contemplate her childhood days in a colonial outpost in Cameroon. Her strongest memories are of the family's houseboy, Protee - a man of great nobility, intelligence and beauty - and the intricate nature of relationships in a racist society. (imdb)
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Beau Travail Beau Travail (1999)
Summary: This film focuses on ex-Foreign Legion officer, Galoup, as he recalls his once glorious life, leading troops in the Gulf of Djibouti. His existence there was happy, strict and regimented, but the arrival of a promising young recruit, Sentain, plants the seeds of jealousy in Galoup's mind. He feels compelled to stop him from coming to the attention of the commandant who he admires, but who ignores him. Ultimately, his jealousy leads to the destruction of both Sentain and himself. (imdb)