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Clara Pontoppidan

Date of Birth: Apr 23, 1883

Country: Denmark

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Biography and picture submitted by Dunstan-xxx

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Titles You've Ranked (13)
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Lægen Lægen (1918)
Summary: The plague breaks out and Dr. Harold Lister tries to find a cure and heal the sick.
No Score
Manden uden fremtid Manden uden fremtid (1916)
Summary: A wealthy girl goes on a world trip with the family and meets a American cowboy that catches her interest.
No Score
Vennerne fra Officersskolen Vennerne fra Officersskolen (1913)
Summary: A Danish film directed by Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen about two army officers and a lady.
No Score
Ta Ta' lidt solskin (1969)
Summary: Story tells how everybody at Nokken, an authentic Copenhagen Rural district next to the sea and the city dump, help to create a happy home for the children.
No Score
The Bride from Dragstrup The Bride from Dragstrup (1955)
Summary: Traditional romantic comedy, about a girl from the country-side, visiting her Uncle, evil aunt and two cousins. An almost arranged marriage is building up, with the cousin she like, and not with the cousin she loves.
No Score
Vampyrdanserinden Vampyrdanserinden (1912)
Summary: The man-hungry "vampire," later to be popularized by America's Theda Bara, made her screen debut in this Danish melodrama directed by August Blom. Clara Wieth starred in the title role of the Vampire Dancer, which is just what she was: a dancer performing her seductions on-stage. Off-stage, the young girl is kindhearted and a bit naïve. The lustful dance, during which Robert Dinesen succumbs to the dancer's fatal charms, remained the centerpiece of the film. (imdb)
No Score
Mormonens offer Mormonens offer (1911)  - Short Film
Summary: A Mormon missionary seduces and kidnaps an attractive young woman, forcing her to accompany him to Utah to become one of his wives. (imdb)
No Score
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time (1922)
Summary: A Danish prince who, much through stratagem, tames a rebellious princess into loving, marrying and obeying him. (imdb)
No Score
Slap af, Frede! Slap af, Frede! (1966)
Summary: The second movie with heroes Frede Hansen and Agent Smith (IMDB Comments)
No Score
For Åbent Tæppe For Åbent Tæppe (1912)  - Short Film
Summary: A husband and wife are preparing to act the roles of Othello and Desdemona in a play. While the wife is in her dressing room, she has to fight off unwelcome advances from one of the other actors. She also receives flowers from another admirer, and after rehearsal, she meets this man for a romantic interlude. The rejected actor follows her, and then proceeds to tell the already anxious husband what he has seen.
No Score
Ved Fængslets Port Ved Fængslets Port (1911)  - Short Film
Summary: The story about Aage, who in marrying the poor Anna, is disowned by his rich mother. Not being able to cope with the responsibility of entertaining his wife, he is forced to borrow money from his father- inlaw.
No Score
Støvsugerbanden Støvsugerbanden (1963)
Summary: The elderly rob people to entertain themselves.
No Score
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)
Summary: A documentary about the history of witchcraft, told in a variety of styles, from illustrated slideshow to dramatised events of alleged real-life events, right up to the early twentieth century (when the film was made). Depending on which version you're watching, the commentary is either in the form of intertitles or narration by William S.Burroughs, recorded in the mid-1960s. (imdb)