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David Williamson

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    Two Australian sprinters face the brutal realities of war when they are sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey during World War I. (imdb)
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    On the night of the 1969 Australian election, Don holds a party in his suburban Sydney house, where his raucous, rude, embarrassing, extrovert friends discuss sex, politics, and their lives, and seduce each others wives (imdb)
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    Emerald City
    This amusing story follows the successful lives and careers of screenwriter Colin, and his charming publisher wife, Kate, who have moved to Sydney and who encounter a world of hustlers, opportunists and cynics. (Lovefilm.com)
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    The Club
    Boardroom and dressing-room intrigues spill on to the field at the Australian Rules football club. (imdb)
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    A satirical comedy staring Bruce Spence as Stork, a communist, a dreamer and a virgin who spends his time worrying about catching every type of illness imaginable.
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    Tony Petersen, a married electrician and ex-footballer, goes to university to study English
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    Phar Lap
    The true story of a Australian racehorse that becomes a champion with the help of a local stableboy. (imdb)
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    Face to Face
    Face to Face is adapted from David Williamson's play of the same name which is in turn based on the transcripts from real conflict resolution sessions. The story is about a young scaffold construction worker who is charged with assaulting his boss. By the end of the film, all our assumptions about guilt and blame are turned on their heads. (imdb)
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    The Removalists
    This compelling adaptation of David Williamson's influential play stars John Hargreaves (Don's Party) and Peter Cummins (Storm Boy) as good and bad cops who assist a battered wife (Jacki Weaver) as she tries to escape her belligerent husband. (umbrellaent.com.au)
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    Traveling North
    After their late-life marriage, a middle-aged Australian couple move to the countryside. Their life and tempestuous marriage is detailed.
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    The Perfectionist
    Barbara and Steward are happily married and have three kids. But one day Barbara decides that her children are old enough now and she can quit as housewife and start to study. Against the will of her husband she employs babysitter Eric while she attends university. Steward reacts increasingly nervous about the presence of another man in his family and brings their marriage into a crisis. (imdb)
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    Duet for Four
    A middle aged man deals with various problems. His wife is cheating on him, his own mistress wants to get married, his daughter is showing signs of drug addiction, and his business may be taken over. (imdb)
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    The Four Minute Mile
    Sprint runners from Australia, England, and America compete with each other to see who can break the four-minute mile
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