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Clifford S. Elfelt

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Titles You Haven't Rated: Director (3) | Writer (1)
$50,000 Reward (1924)
Tex Sherwood has just come into possession of a valuable piece of land that will be irrigated by a new dam. Banker Holman knowing the deed must be registered the next day, offers a $50,000 reward for Tex's capture. (imdb)
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Big Stakes (1922)
Chasing a steer across the border a cowboy meets a senorita and stays on making the Mexican Captian jealous. When the Captain plans to have the cowboy killed, the cowboy gets the Captain to agree to a contest between jumping beans. When the cowboy wins he says he will let the senorita decide between the two. But first he rides off to rescue another girl held by the hooded Night Riders and the Captain follows to back him up (imdb)
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A Great Love (1916)
A Great Love (1916) - Short Film
Kenneth Reynolds tells Nelly's daughter the story of his love for Nelly. Kenneth was in love with Nelly, but the arrival of a stranger drove Nelly and Kenneth apart. Nelly and her lover absconded, and Nelly's father then died of grief. After some time, Nelly returned with a child, and took her last breath in Kenneth's arms. The daughter had to cry upon hearing this story, told by the now somewhat older Kenneth, after all these years.
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