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Erin Karpluk

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Christmas Lodge Christmas Lodge (2011)  - TV Movie
Summary: Mary Tobin has a deep love for nature and the mountains. Her boyfriend, Kent, is a city person, and after a trip to the mountains, finding the Christmas Lodge, which is full of memories for Mary, he breaks up with her. The lodge that she loves has fallen into serious disrepair. She has to find a way to restore the lodge before christmas, and perhaps she will find true love along the way.
No Score
Suddenly Suddenly (2013)
Summary: A deputy sheriff in a small town tries to stop gunmen from attempting to assassinate the President. (movierob.wordpress.com)
No Score
Reasonable Doubt Reasonable Doubt (2014)
Summary: A District Attorney has his life turned upside down when he's involved in a hit and run and another man is arrested for his crime and charged with murder.
No Score
Slasher Slasher (2016)  - TV Series
Summary: Thirty years ago, in the sleepy community of Waterbury, a killer known as "The Executioner" murdered Sarah Bennett's parents. Now Sarah and her husband Dylan have returned to town, only to find herself the centerpiece in a series of horrifying murders centered around the seven deadly sins. It seems "The Executioner" is back. As the murders escalate, long-buried secrets are revealed, making everyone around Sarah a suspect...or a victim. (chillertv.com)
No Score
Being Erica Being Erica (2009)  - TV Series
Summary: A therapist with unusual abilities treats his patient by having her revisit, literally, the bad choices she has made in the past.
No Score
The Reality of Love The Reality of Love (2004)  - TV Movie
Summary: Ryan Banks's manager and old friend, Todd, comes up with the idea to have Ryan be the bachelor on a reality dating show in order to clean up his image. The only problem is, Todd falls in love with Charlie, the girl Ryan has chosen to propose to. (imdb)
No Score
Assault on Wall Street Assault on Wall Street (2013)
Summary: Jim is an average New Yorker living a peaceful life with a well paying job and a loving family. Suddenly, everything changes when the economy crashes causing Jim to lose everything. Filled with anger and rage, Jim snaps and goes to extreme lengths to seek revenge for the life taken from him. (imdb)
No Score
Snowglobe Snowglobe (2007)  - TV Movie
Summary: A mystical snowglobe transports Angela, who longs for the perfect Christmas away from her boisterous family, into an idyllic Christmas winter wonderland. But when the two worlds unexpectedly collide, Angela struggles to reconcile the situation and ultimately has to make a choice about what really defines her perfect Christmas. (Hulu.com)
No Score
Wyvern Wyvern (2009)  - TV Movie
Summary: Global warming results in an ancient beast from Norse mythology to be released from under the North Pole and it heads towards a small Alaskan village.
No Score
Judicial Indiscretion Judicial Indiscretion (2007)  - TV Movie
Summary: When Monica Barrett is nominated for the Supreme Court of the United States, she falls prey to a charming psychopath and a web of political intrigue. (imdb)
No Score
It Must Be Love It Must Be Love (2004)  - TV Movie
Summary: Based on a true story, an estranged couple takes a road trip in an effort to hammer out the details of an amicable divorce. When they are standed in a snowstorm, they come face to face with the truths of how their relationship went awry.
No Score
Ripper 2: Letter from Within Ripper 2: Letter from Within (2004)
Summary: Erin Karpluk and Colin Lawrence star in this sequel to Ripper: Letter from Hell. Molly Keller, a government agent with an expertise in serial killers, has to tamp down her own murderous urges, borne in part by her connection to Jack the Ripper; Jack, unfortunately, is her ancestor, and it seems the urge to kill runs through bloodlines. Molly's solution is to check herself into a psych ward ... but then her fellow patients start dying one by one.
No Score
Trial by Fire Trial by Fire (2008)  - TV Movie
Summary: Kristin Scott is wrongfully blamed for the death of her father just prior to his retirement as a Captain with the fire department. Along with being the only female firefighter on her squad, this puts her at odds with the other members of her team and she resigns. To prove herself she tackles the grueling training of smoke jumping. This is a rugged type of firefighter who jumps out of airplanes directly into the flames. (imdb)