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Erol Babaoglu

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Daire Daire (2014)
Summary: In the hard-boiled world, where will the soft-shelled end up? A cozy kind of extermination is on the stage and keeping a low profile. The decadence around us is nothing less than clandestine annihilation of the civil man. Yet it is carried out so well with a grinning face, it is officially sold as transition. (imdb)
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Kars Oykuleri Kars Oykuleri (2010)
Summary: A collection of five short films that were shot in the Turkish province of Kars, on the Armenian border. (filmfestankara.org.tr)
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The Third Page The Third Page (1999)
Summary: Isa is beaten up after being accused of stealing $50. When his landlord demands the back rent, Isa gets angry and shoots him. The police round up the tenants, but are not suspicious of him. Back in his room, Isa collapses and is helped by his pretty neighbor Meryem, who also pays the $50 when the thugs return. (imdb)