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Fatih Al

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Sonsuz Aşk Sonsuz Aşk (2017)
Summary: Can is an ambitious doctor. There is no free time to live except his work. Besides that Zeynep lives the moment. She is a charwoman and clean Can's house three days in a week. And one day "the moment" makes them together. And their lives change forever...
No Score
Sofra Sırları Sofra Sırları (2017)
Summary: Meet Neslihan. A perfect cook, an expert on Turkish cuisine, strictly loyal to her husband, an impeccable house wife ...and a serial killer. (imdb)
No Score
Sol Şerit Sol Şerit (2016)
Summary: After the bachelor's party, Cem (the groom) and his friends (Volkan and Barış) miss their flight. They decide to rent a car but inside the trunk (whose lid is stuck) of the car is the (supposedly) dead girlfriend of a mob boss who chases them all the way until the wedding.
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Misafir Misafir (2015)
Summary: Ten years after being thrown out of her parental home, Nur hears that her mother is at death's door. Taking her young daughter with her, Nur hurries back to her father's world to see, and reconcile with her mother before it is too late. While the universal theme of mother-daughter relationships lies at the centre of the film, this is underpinned by an allusive subtext of incest, one of most common but least addressed social problems in Turkey. (imdb)
No Score
Daire Daire (2014)
Summary: In the hard-boiled world, where will the soft-shelled end up? A cozy kind of extermination is on the stage and keeping a low profile. The decadence around us is nothing less than clandestine annihilation of the civil man. Yet it is carried out so well with a grinning face, it is officially sold as transition. (imdb)
No Score
Uzaklarda Arama Uzaklarda Arama (2015)
Summary: Story of a big-city tavern's relocation to a conservative and unwelcoming town (Press Release)
No Score
Bizim Buyuk Caresizligimiz Bizim Buyuk Caresizligimiz (2011)
Summary: Ender and Çetin, being very close friends since high school, have just reunited after long years of separation by Çetin's return to Ankara, and started to live together, realizing their early juvenile dream in their late thirties. Fikret, their close friend from high school who lives in Germany, has a car accident in Turkey, where his parents are killed and he is injured... (facebook.com)