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Federico Boido

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Partirono preti tornarono... curati Partirono preti tornarono... curati (1973)
Summary: Two American bandits disguise themselves as priests in order to work undetected in Mexico during the revolution. (spaghetti-western.net)
No Score
Joan Lui - Ma un giorno nel paese arrivo io di lunedì Joan Lui - Ma un giorno nel paese arrivo io di lunedì (1985)
Summary: Musical about the second coming of Jesus on the eve of a worldwide catastrophe. (bfi)
No Score
The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe (1972)
Summary: A Chinese immigrant named Chin How lands in a small Texas town inhabited by hard-nosed cowboys who don't take kindly to outsiders. The town folk soon realize that Chin is no ordinary drifter and he quickly gains a reputation for his unbeatable fighting skills... (imdb)
No Score
Apache Woman Apache Woman (1976)
Summary: Tommy is an innocent cavalry officer who falls in love with a beautiful Apache woman (Yara Kewa) after rescuing her from a nasty gun smuggler named Honest Jeremy. When Jeremy and his gang find Tommy, gruesome violence ensues. (imdb)
No Score
Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? (1973)
Summary: Even more oddball and cartoonish sequel to Petroni's original. More Looney Tunes style comic theatrics starring Tomas Milian as the Chaplinesque Providenza. This one has less spaghetti trappings than its predecessor. The jokes, sight gags and pratfalls are non-stop and I can't even tell you what it's all about. It's still more polished than any of Carnimeo's out-of-control "comedies". There appears to have been a bigger budget this time out as well. (fistful-of-leone.com)
No Score
Payment in Blood Payment in Blood (1967)
Summary: A gunman joins up with a gang of Confederate guerrillas to find a cache of missing Confederate gold. (imdb)
No Score
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack Roy Colt and Winchester Jack (1970)
Summary: Two outlaws compete with each other over a treasure map that will lead them to buried gold while one of them is in league with a sadistic priest-turned-crime lord, while a young Native American girl helps both outlaws and plays both sides against each other. (imdb)
No Score
A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof (1968)
Summary: The bandit Pratt, looking for Tim, who is responsible for the death of his two sons, attacks a caravan killing all the passengers. Harry, the vagabond, after having robbed the dead, casually meets Tim and they become friends. Running away together from the bandit Pratt, they reach Harry's farm but their hiding place is soon discovered. (spaghetti-western.net)
No Score
They Call Me Hallelujah They Call Me Hallelujah (1971)
Summary: An exciting story based on the revolution of the Mexicans against the domination of their country by the European emperor Maximilian. General Ramirez, fighting for the Mexican leader Juarez, orders Hallelujah to seize the purse of jewels with which Maximilian plans to purchase weapons. Hallelujah finds this no easy assignment as he has to fight off bandits, outwit secret agents, a fake sister, a so-called Russian prince and other scoundrels. (spaghetti-western.net)
No Score
Run, Man, Run! Run, Man, Run! (1968)
Summary: Several competing groups and mavericks (including the lead character Cuchillo) are hunting a gold treasure of $3,000,000. The gold was reserved for the Mexican revolution. (imdb)