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Ferzan Ozpetek

Country: Italy

Total Titles at Criticker: 12 - You've Seen 12

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Titles You've Ranked (12)
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Magnifica Presenza Magnifica Presenza (2012)
Summary: Pietro is a gay man who tries to become an actor. He rents a new house in Rome, but soon he realizes that the place is haunted. The ghosts of a theatre group lives there since the WW2.
No Score
Mine vaganti Mine vaganti (2010)
Summary: Mine vaganti tells us the unpredictable story of an Italian pasta manufacturer family, with their strong family and moral patterns.
No Score
Allacciate le cinture Allacciate le cinture (2014)
Summary: Elena's love is divided between Antonio and Fabio. One day, the trio experiences a traumatic development, which greatly upsets their lives.
No Score
Rosso Istanbul Rosso Istanbul (2017)
Summary: Living abroad for many years, writer, editor Orhan Sahin, the famous director to work on the first book of the sea Generic Istanbul 'to come. Deniz lives in a barn with his family in his last generation of riches. Orhan finds himself in the midst of complex relationships, mysterious friends and family members of the Sea on the first day. Years later, he returned to Istanbul 'u while exploring with new eyes, the feelings will begin to relive forgotten. (Wikipedia)
No Score
Napoli velata Napoli velata (2017)
Summary: In a Naples suspended between magic and superstition, madness and rationality, mystery wraps itself around Adriana's life (with the latter played by Mezzogiorno) as it is suddenly devastated by love and a violent crime. (Cineuropa)
No Score
Cuore sacro Cuore sacro (2005)
Summary: Irene, a workaholic, is forced to re-evaluate her priorities after the suicide of her two best friends. (imdb)
No Score
Un Giorno perfetto Un Giorno perfetto (2008)
Summary: The story of a woman who tries to take charge of her life and a policeman, her husband, unable to accept the end of his marriage, obsessed by the memory of his wife, his children, his lost family...
No Score
His Secret Life His Secret Life (2001)
Summary: AIDS doctor Antonia's husband is killed by a car. She gets depressed until she learns he had been cheating on her with a man. Following her newly born curiosity for life, she goes to see her husband's lover, Michele, and finds a huge apartment that he shares with gay and transgendered friends, including a Turkish immigrant and a prostitute. Antonia is reluctant to tell these people of her relationship to the dead man, but needs prompting to move on to a new phase of her life. (imdb)
No Score
Hamam Hamam (1997)
Summary: Francesco and Marta are husband and wife running a small design company in Rome. When Francesco's long forgotten Aunt Anita dies in Istanbul, he travels there to look after the sale of the hamam (imdb)
No Score
Harem suaré Harem suaré (1999)
Summary: As the Ottoman Empire comes to an end, an old servant spins a tale to keep the women in the Sultan's harem distracted... (imdb)
No Score
Saturno contro Saturno contro (2007)
Summary: Director Ferzan Ozpetek returns to familiar grounds for Saturno contro, yet another exploration of love both straight and gay in the Italian capital. (european-films.net)
No Score
Facing Windows Facing Windows (2003)
Summary: A drama about how we find love and passion in our lives in the midst of chaos and disruption. (Sony Pictures Classics)