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François Chattot

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Le voyage au Groenland Le voyage au Groenland (2016)
Summary: Thomas and Thomas are going through a rough patch: they are both thirty-something actors living in Paris. They randomly decide to leave the city and fly away to Kullorsuaq, one of the most remote villages of Greenland, where Thomas' father Nathan lives. Among the Inuit community, they will discover the charms of the local customs and their friendship will be challenged. (imdb)
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Fifi Martingale Fifi Martingale (2001)
Summary: Fifi Flores is the protagonist of "The Easter Egg", a successful comedy playing in Paris. Everything seems to be going well, but suddenly the writer/director falls victim to a cabal. To avenge his enemies, he decides to rewrite his play, thus setting off a series of disasters. (mubi.com)
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Le divan de Staline Le divan de Staline (2016)
Summary: While preparing for the creation of an oficial monument in his name, Stalin deals with suspicion and remorse.
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Early One Morning Early One Morning (2011)
Summary: Monday morning. Paul Wertret, 50, heads off to his job as a manager at the International Credit and Trade Bank. He arrives at 8 o'clock on the dot, as usual. He enters a meeting room, takes out a gun and kills two of his bosses. Then he locks himself in his office. As he waits for the inevitable police assault, this ordinary man looks back over his life and the events that led him to commit such an act. (imdb)
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District B13 District B13 (2004)
Summary: Paris, 2010. An isolation wall surrounds the ghetto cities. Without effective law enforcement, with these walls, gang rule is absolute. (Magnolia Pictures)
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Brice de Nice Brice de Nice (2005)
Summary: Brice, a motherless super rich 30-year-old teenager fancies himself a trendy surfer. Only he never stepped out of Nice where the sea remains desperately calm and flat... (imdb)
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Kennedy et moi Kennedy et moi (1999)
Summary: A self-absorbed writer (Jean-Pierre Bacri) becomes obsessed with his psychologist's watch, supposedly worn by John F. Kennedy the day he was assassinated.