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George Plimpton

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Little Man Tate Little Man Tate (1991)
Summary: Dede is a sole parent trying to bring up her son Fred. When it is discovered that Fred is a genius, she is determined to ensure that Fred has all the opportunities that he needs (imdb)
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Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself (2012)
Summary: Plimpton! tells the story of writer, editor, amateur sportsman and friend to many, George Plimpton. Using Plimpton's own narration - along with thoughts and stories from friends, family and contemporaries - the film is a joyful celebration of a life lived fully, richly, strangely, and, at times, a life that is hard to believe was actually lived by just one man.
No Score
Bullet in the Brain Bullet in the Brain (2001)  - Short Film
Summary: The mind of a writing teacher is drawn back to boyhood when he's shot during a robbery. Narrated by George Plimpton.
No Score
Uncensored Channels: TV Around the World with George Plimpton Uncensored Channels: TV Around the World with George Plimpton (1986)  - TV Movie
Summary: A tour through non-American television led by the grand Paper Lion himself.
No Score
Paper Lion Paper Lion (1968)
Summary: Sportswriter George Plimpton poses as a rookie quarterback for the Detroit Lions for a "Sports Illustrated" article. (imdb)
No Score
Infamous Infamous (2006)
Summary: Infamous follows the dangerous quest for artistic greatness chosen by Truman Capote (Jones) as he travels to Kansas to investigate the brutal murder of the Clutter family, accompanied by lifelong friend and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Nelle Harper Lee (Bullock). (Warner Independent Pictures)
No Score
Beyond the Law Beyond the Law (1968)
Summary: Intertwined stories of a night at a police station.
No Score
Sam the Man Sam the Man (2000)
Summary: Sam Manning (Fisher Stevens) wants nothing more than to make it big as a writer and finally see his novel published. But he's not getting anywhere, so to deal with the threat of complete failure, he lets himself get roped into one sexual relationship after another, even as his devoted girlfriend, Cass (Annabella Sciorra), waits in vain for him to get his act together and finally commit to her. When he does, however, it may just be too late.
No Score
Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
Summary: Epic rumination on a flamboyant and controversial British military figure and his conflicted loyalties during wartime service.(imdb)
No Score
When We Were Kings When We Were Kings (1996)
Summary: An unforgettable account of the "Rumble in the Jungle," this Oscar-winning film captures all the magic of Muhammad Ali at the peak of his triumphant career. (Universal)
No Score
Volunteers Volunteers (1985)
Summary: Tom Hanks stars as Lawrence, a rich kid with a bad accent and a large debt. After his father refuses to help him out... (imdb)
No Score
Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film (2006)  - TV Episode
Summary: Ric Burns's 4-hour, epic Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film, is a portrait of one of the 20th century's most influential, controversial, and paradoxically mystifying artists. (FilmForum)
No Score
Soul Power Soul Power (2008)
Summary: A documentary on the legendary soul music concert staged in Kinshasa, Zaire in 1974. (imdb)
No Score
Breakfast with Hunter Breakfast with Hunter (2003)
Summary: A documentary on the infamous gonzo journalist, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. (imdb)
No Score
Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting (1997)
Summary: A janitor at MIT, Will Hunting has a gift for maths that can take him light-years beyond his blue-collar roots, but to achieve his dream he must turn his back on the neighborhood and his best friend. To complicate matters, two strangers enter the equation: a washed-up shrink who starts to coach Will through his transformation, and a med student who shows him that there can be a pretty face along with his life of the mind. (imdb)