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Georges Franju

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Pleins feux sur l Pleins feux sur l'assassin (1961)
Summary: When he learns his days are numbered old count Hervé de Kéraudren decides to hide in a secret alcove and to die there (imdb)
No Score
Thérèse Desqueyroux Thérèse Desqueyroux (1962)
Summary: After Thérèse is acquitted of trying to poison her husband, Bernard Desqueyroux, she recalls the events that lead to her being charged (imdb)
No Score
La première nuit La première nuit (1958)  - Short Film
Summary: A residential area schoolboy discovers the odd universe of the Parisian metro. At a time, he glimpses the beautiful face of a blond-haired little girl. Later on, he falls asleep and dreams his first love dream (imdb)
No Score
La faute de l La faute de l'abbé Mouret (1970)
Summary: Serge Mouret is a frail and devout young priest in a tough country parish. When he falls down and loses his memory, he is nursed back to health by Albine, the beautiful carefree niece of the outspoken atheist Jeanbernat. (imdb)
No Score
Monsieur et Madame Curie Monsieur et Madame Curie (1956)  - Short Film
Summary: A docu-drama on the lives of the Curies.
No Score
L L'homme sans visage (1975)  - TV Mini-Series
Summary: A team of policemen are chasing a pair of criminals, The Man without a Face and his accomplice, The Woman, who are trying to steal a Templar treasure.
No Score
Le grand Méliès Le grand Méliès (1952)  - Short Film
Summary: A biography of the pioneer film director Georges Méliès, featuring his son André playing Georges, and with shots of his second wife, aged 90 (imdb)
No Score
La tête contre les murs La tête contre les murs (1959)
Summary: In order to get rid of his troublesome son François, Maître Gérane manages to have him committed to a mental hospital (imdb)
No Score
Hôtel des Invalides Hôtel des Invalides (1952)  - Short Film
Summary: A tour of the Hotel des Invalides, and more particularly of the Army Museum and the Saint Louis Chapel. From François I's armor to Guynemer's airplane, to Napoleon's and Marshall Foch's tombs. But this is no ordinary tour,it is rather a chilling visit guided by Georges Franju and narrated by Michel Simon emphasizing - at times through biting humor -not the glory but the nonsense of wars, but their tragic aftermath. (imdb)
No Score
Blood of the Beasts Blood of the Beasts (1949)  - Short Film
Summary: An early example of ultra-realism, this movie contrasts the quiet, bucolic life in the outskirts of Paris with the harsh, gory conditions inside the nearby slaughterhouses.
No Score
Judex Judex (1963)
Summary: Favraux, an unscrupulous banker, receives a threatening note, signed by "Judex", demanding that he pay back the people he has swindled. He refuses, and apparently dies after a midnight toast at his masked ball. However, he is only drugged by Judex and locked away. Judex spares his life when the banker's widowed daughter, Jacqueline, rejects the inheritance. Meanwhile Diana Monti, the former governess, kidnaps Jacqueline to try to get the banker's money. But Judex is hot on her trail. (imdb)
No Score
Thomas l Thomas l'imposteur (1964)
Summary: In the First World War, when Paris is expected to fall to the Germans, the attractive widow, Princesse de Bormes, organises a convoy of cars to evacuate the wounded from the front, and bring them back to her villa in Paris to recuperate. (imdb)
No Score
Nuits rouges Nuits rouges (1974)
Summary: Shadowman, a thief whose head is covered by a red mask, and his cat-suited assistant, try to find the fabled treasure of the ancient Knight Templars (imdb)
No Score
Eyes Without a Face Eyes Without a Face (1960)
Summary: A brilliant surgeon, Professor Genessier, helped by his assistant Louise, kidnaps nice young girls.... (imdb)