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Harmony Korine

Country: USA

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Umshini Wam Umshini Wam (2011)  - Short Film
Summary: Ninja and Yo Landi are wheelchair-bound lovers and real gangstas. They live in the outskirts ofcivilization, they shoot guns for fun, smoke massive joints, and sleep in the woods. They don't have any bling to show for their gangsta cred, but the world deserves to know who they are. They're tramps, and their wheels are starting to fall off. Ninja become despondent over their vagabond existence, but Yo Landi won't let him give up. What ensues is straight up gangsta mayhem... (MUBI)
No Score
Snowballs Snowballs (2011)  - Short Film
Summary: The second collaboration with filmmaker Harmony Korine, the video Snowballs features Proenza Schouler's Fall 2011 collection. Inspired by the great American west, the Navajo blanket-inspired textiles are featured throughout the video. Korine was given carte blanche to capture the collection on film, resulting in a four minute video titled Snowballs.
No Score
Act Da Fool Act Da Fool (2010)  - Short Film
Summary: A series of hazy 8mm vignettes, accompanied by a soft, lilting voice over, in which girls skulk around schoolyards, spray graffiti, drink, smoke, pose and embrace, evoking the loneliness, confusion and overwhelming wonder of growing up. (imdb)
No Score
Corporate Ghost Corporate Ghost (2004)  - Direct-to-Video
Summary: A compilation of twenty four music videos by Sonic Youth ranging from 1990 to 2002.
No Score
David Blaine: Above the Below David Blaine: Above the Below (2003)  - TV Movie
Summary: It in part concerns David Blaine's 2003 stunt in which he was sealed in a transparent case suspended 30 feet in the air near the River Thames, London, without food, for a period of 44-days. Beyond that there are scenes of strange spectators and Blaine wandering the streets of London making pranks and so forth.
No Score
Spring Breakers Spring Breakers (2013)
Summary: Four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation find themselves bailed out by a drug and arms dealer who wants them to do some dirty work. (imdb)
No Score
Mac and Plak Mac and Plak (2010)  - Short Film
Summary: Spin off from Trash Humpers. Based on a play by Harmony Korine originally called "Mac and Plac are the Wonder Twins Deactivated".
No Score
Ken Park Ken Park (2002)
Summary: It's about several Californian skateboarder's life and relationships with and without their parents. (imdb)
No Score
Blood of Havana Blood of Havana (2010)  - Short Film
Summary: Blood of Havana is a short film written and directed by Harmony Korine in 2010. The film was shot on a Harinezumi camera, which produces an image similar to Super 8mm. It was included in, and possibly shot for, the exhibit Imperfect as They Are. The film features one of the characters from Trash Humpers and takes place in Cuba, where Korine was at the time shooting commercials for the rum brand Havana Club. (Harmony-Korine.com)
No Score
Needed Me Needed Me (2016)  - Short Film
Summary: The music video for the song.
No Score
The Fourth Dimension The Fourth Dimension (2012)
Summary: Grolsch Film Works and VICE Films present 'The Fourth Dimension', a film that gives us a glimpse of enlightenment through the eyes of three one-of-a-kind characters. The three filmmakers - Fedorchenko, Korine and Kwiecinski - have created three unique stories that offer up their vision of this higher plane of existence, the Fourth Dimension. Each filmmaker takes his character on a journey that changes the way they see the world and themselves. (imdb)
No Score
Mister Lonely Mister Lonely (2007)
Summary: In Paris, a young American (Luna) who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe (Morton), who invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin (Lavant) and her daughter, Shirley Temple. (imdb)
No Score
Julien Donkey-Boy Julien Donkey-Boy (1999)
Summary: A visionary portrait of love and madness, which follows a compassionate young teacher who finds redemption through his interactions with the eccentric students in a comically surreal school for the blind. (Independent Pictures)
No Score
Beautiful Losers Beautiful Losers (2008)
Summary: This documentary follows the lives and careers of a collective group of Do-it-yourself artists and designers who inadvertently affected the art world.
No Score
Gummo Gummo (1997)
Summary: A portrait of the inhabitants of the small town of Xenia, Ohio, which never fully recovered from a 1974 tornado.
No Score
Kids Kids (1995)
Summary: An HIV-positive skateboarder sets out to deflower as many virgins as possible while a local girl who contracted his disease tries to prevent his next target from suffering the same fate as herself.
No Score
Last Days Last Days (2005)
Summary: Last Days is filmmaker Gus Van Sant's fictional meditation on the inner turmoil that engulfs a brilliant, but troubled musician in the final hours of his life. (Picturehouse)
No Score
Trash Humpers Trash Humpers (2009)
Summary: Unearthed from the buried landscape of the American nightmare, this film follows a small group of elderly Peeping Toms through the shadows and margins of an unfamiliar world.
No Score
Until the Light Takes Us Until the Light Takes Us (2008)
Summary: Until the Light Takes Us is a feature length documentary chronicling the history, ideology and aesthetic of Norwegian black metal - a musical subculture infamous as much for a series of murders and church arsons as it is for its unique musical and visual aesthetics.
No Score
Manglehorn Manglehorn (2015)
Summary: A Texas-set story of a locksmith in a small town who never got over the love of his life. (imdb)
No Score
The Name of This Film Is Dogme95 The Name of This Film Is Dogme95 (2000)
Summary: The Name of this Film is Dogme95 is an irreverent documentary exploring the origins of Dogme95, the most influential movement in world cinema for a generation . . . (imdb)
No Score
Stoker Stoker (2013)
Summary: After India's father dies, her Uncle Charlie, who she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her unstable mother. She comes to suspect this mysterious, charming man has ulterior motives and becomes increasingly infatuated with him. (imdb)
No Score
Curb Dance Curb Dance (2011)  - Short Film
Summary: Harmony Korine curb dances.
No Score
Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting (1997)
Summary: A janitor at MIT, Will Hunting has a gift for maths that can take him light-years beyond his blue-collar roots, but to achieve his dream he must turn his back on the neighborhood and his best friend. To complicate matters, two strangers enter the equation: a washed-up shrink who starts to coach Will through his transformation, and a med student who shows him that there can be a pretty face along with his life of the mind. (imdb)