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The Walking Hack of Asbury Park The Walking Hack of Asbury Park (2002)  - Short Film
Summary: Albo (Scott Black), is an Asbury Park cab driver and loner who has a propensity for drinking, Elvis and being misunderstood. Wanting to be an achiever and looking to escape, Albo sets his sights on a Graceland pilgrimage - a trip that will have to be made by foot. Along the way he meets an abnormal diner waitress (Heather Donahue), who literally toys his with his manhood, while challenging his need for a spiritual getaway. (nativepictures.com)
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The Velvet Tigress The Velvet Tigress (2001)  - Short Film
Summary: Jen Sachs's award-winning animated documentary The Velvet Tigress had its roots in a dungeon-like barroom in Washington D.C. during a Mr. Bungle concert over 10 years ago. (filmmakermagazine.com)
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Home Field Advantage Home Field Advantage (2000)
Summary: Three different stories. One unique and satirical film set on the New Jersey Shore. Home-Charlie is a tollbooth collector who wants to move out of his parent's house. Field-Albo is an Asbury Park cab driver who sets his sights on a Graceland pilgrimage. Advantage-Ettore is a bumbling Italian immigrant who seeks a better life in America. (imdb)
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Sticks and Stones: Investigating the Blair Witch Sticks and Stones: Investigating the Blair Witch (1999)  - Short Film
Summary: An exploration of the Blair Witch legend (tagline)
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Manticore Manticore (2005)  - TV Movie
Summary: Commandos in Iraq looking for terrorists find a man-eating monster instead. (imdb)
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The Morgue The Morgue (2008)
Summary: About six strangers who find themselves stranded overnight at a rural morgue. (imdb)
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Boys and Girls Boys and Girls (2000)
Summary: Jennifer and Ryan are students at UC Berkeley, acquaintances off and on since early adolescence. She's quick, witty, ironic, literary, and independent; he's deliberate, literal, serious, studying structural engineering, always working on a plan. They take walks, they console each other over break-ups, he shares his plans. She's headed for Italy after graduation. Then, to their equal surprise, they spend a night together... (imdb)
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New Suit New Suit (2002)
Summary: In the tradition of "The Player" and "Swimming with Sharks" comes this biting comedy about Hollywood and the sycophants and schemers that feul its increasingly vacuous ideas. (Trillion Entertainment)
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Taken Taken (2002)  - TV Mini-Series
Summary: A sci-fi adventure that weaves together over 50 years of alien abductions into the story of three families' experiences.
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Seven and a Match Seven and a Match (2003)
Summary: Seven Yale classmates gather together for a weekend at an isolated summer house in Maine. The house is owned by Ellie, whose invitations hide an ulterior motive -- What follows is a conflagration of a different sort, one which burns away any nostalgia for the past and forces each of them to assess their lives and the bonds of friendship as they exist in the present. (Hollywood.com)
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The Blair Witch Project The Blair Witch Project (1999)
Summary: On October 21, 1994, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams hiked into Maryland's Black Hills Forest to shoot a documentary film on a local legend, "The Blair Witch." They were never heard from again. One year later, their footage was found. The Blair Witch Project is their legacy. (Artisan Entertainment)