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Henri Crémieux

Total Credits at Criticker: 13 (Actor)

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    Orphée is a poet who becomes obsessed with Death (the Princess). They fall in love. Orphée's wife, Eurydice, is killed by the Princess' henchmen and Orphee goes after her into the Underworld. Although they have become dangerously entangled, the Princess sends Orphée back out of the Underworld, to carry on his life with Eurydice. (imdb)
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    Donkey Skin
    A fairy godmother helps a princess disguise herself so she won't have to marry a man she doesn't love. (imdb)
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    The Smurfs and the Magic Flute
    A villain named McCreep steals the Smurfs' magic flute, an instrument that makes people dance wildly, and uses it to rob them. The Smurf King sends out Peewit to track down the thief and retrieve the flute. (imdb)
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    La fête à Henriette
    After the rejection of their latest - and preposterous - scenario, two script writers get back to basics to prepare a new movie. (imdb)
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    Le Président
    At 73, France's ex-president, Emile Beaufort, faces declining health, but he still plays a vigorous role behind the scenes as a philosopher and, potentially, as a power broker. In particular, his relationship with Philippe Chalamont comes into play: Chalamont seems in line to be the next Prime Minister, and Beaufort's history with him is long, deep, and problematic. As Beaufort dictates his memoirs, his narrative take us to occasions, 15 and 20 years before, in which Chalamont and he clashed. (imdb)
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    Lady Paname
    Tells the story of a young female singer who tries to become a star in the music hall world of the early 1900s and falls in love with a composer. (Wikipedia)
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    Garou-Garou, le passe-muraille
    Léon, a humble civil servant, has the unusual ability to walk through walls, however thick they are. One day, he falls madly in love with a charming hotel thief by the name of Suzan. In order to impress her he poses as Garou-Garou, a dangerous gangster. Mistaken for him, he is arrested and sent to jail but he, of course, leaves his cell(and comes back to it) just as he likes, infuriating the prison warden. But, despite this wonderful gift, he remains shy in the presence of Suzan... (imdb)
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    La loi, c\
    Assola is an imaginary village on the border between Italy and France and the borderline crosses the village itself. The French customs agent Ferdinand is always trying to catch the Italian smuggler Giuseppe. Giuseppe discovers that Ferdinand was actually born in Italy and therefore he can't be a French customs agent. (imdb)
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    Le Fil à la patte
    Count Fernand du Bois d'Enghien typifies the pleasure seeker and as such he has a mistress of course, star singer Lucette Gauthier. But now Fernand feels it is time for him to tie the knot. For that, pretty Viviane Duverger is the ideal prey. The trouble is that the explosive Lucette does not hear it that way. Fortunately for Bois d'Enghien, Urugua, a rich South American general, falls in love with Lucette... (imdb)
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    An inconsolable widower, who was a wealthy banker, is about to jump into the Seine, but a woman stops him. It is his former maid, Suzanne. She reveals to him that the mourned wife deceived him shamelessly. The banker forgets his suicide and decides to disappear.
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    Le Gorille vous salue bien
    Géo Paquet, aka The Gorilla, breaks from jail. Now an escaped convict, the elite agent must infiltrate a dangerous gang working for a foreign embassy as their leader, a spy enjoying diplomatic immunity, can't be arrested by regular police.
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    Honoré de Marseille
    A comedy about the founding of Marseille.
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    Portrait of a two-faced man. By day he is rich, brilliant and respectable financial officer Lussac; at night, he becomes "Mirror", a ruthless gang leader in Marseilles.
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