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Henri Poupon

Total Credits at Criticker: 9 (Actor)

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    Angèle, the daughter of Clarius, a farmer in the mountain of Provence, lives with her parents and their valet Saturnin. One day, near the farm, she meets Louis, a good-looking young man from Marseilles who is taking a holiday there. Unaware that he is nothing but a gigolo she is seduced by Louis and follows him to the city... (imdb)
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    After the young people abandon their French village for the city, middle-aged poacher Panturle (Gabriel Gabrio) longs to revive the area. Soon a knife grinder, Gedemus (Fernandel), arrives at the village with his companion, young Arsule (Orane Demazis), whom he treats harshly.
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    Lady Killer
    A lady killer meets his match.
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    Le schpountz
    Francoise is seduced and betrayed by a wandering worker, and her father, Galubert, allows her to return to his home on the condition that she and the child stay concealed in the cellar. She is discovered there by a cluck, who falls in with her. (imdb)
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    Cigalon (Alexandre Arnaudy) manages a restaurant in a small town in Provence. A chef with a high opinion of his past culinary achievements, he makes no effort to attract customers and is rude to those who venture into his establishment expecting to be fed. To Cigalon, gastronomy is the greatest of all the arts, and so he is naturally aghast when a former laundress named Madame Toffi (Marguerite Chabert) opens a restaurant next door to his.
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    "Merlusse" is French schoolboy slang for codfish, and M. Blanchard, a professor at a certain lycée, was known to his victims by that name. On Christmas eve, when some twenty of the students--orphans, foreigners or just plain "unwanteds"--had to remain in the boarding school, Merlusse is placed in charge.
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    An old man sells his orchard, but when the new owner wants to cut the trees down, he threatens with suicide.
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    An itinerant, hunchbacked worker falls for a woman from afar, but is prevented by his handicap from expressing his feelings. Thus he vicariously romances her by smoothing the path of her relationship with a handsome villager.
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    Portrait of a two-faced man. By day he is rich, brilliant and respectable financial officer Lussac; at night, he becomes "Mirror", a ruthless gang leader in Marseilles.
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