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Herbert H. Margolis

Total Credits at Criticker: 9 (Writer)

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    The Wackiest Ship in the Army
    Lieutenant Rip Crandall is hoodwinked into taking command of the "Wackiest Ship in the Navy" - a real garbage scow with a crew of misfits who don't know a jib from a jigger. What none of them knows, including Crandall, is that this ship has a very important top-secret mission to complete in waters patrolled by the Japanese fleet. Their mission will save hundreds of allied lives - if only they can get there in one piece. (imdb)
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    Francis in the Haunted House
    On a gloomy night outside the old MacLeod castle, Francis, a talking mule, witnesses the castle's curator, Mr. Jason, and handyman Hugo murder lawyer Roger Andrews. Much wackiness ensues (TCM)
    Probable Score
    The Kettles on Old MacDonald\
    Ma and Pa do their bit to hook lumberman Brad Johnson up with spoiled socialite Sally Flemming. Ma teaches Sally how to behave like a hick so she'll be compatible with Brad. (imdb)
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    For Men Only
    A college professor begins to suspect that a student's accidental death was tied to his refusal to take part in a traditional "hazing" and was no accident. (imdb)
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    Rock Baby - Rock It
    A sizzling story of hot rock as you've never seen it before! (imdb)
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    Danger Zone
    A freelance private eye takes on two jobs: he's hired by a woman to bid on a locked suitcase at an auction, and on the second he works with another private investigator on a divorce case--unaware that the PI is setting up him to take the fall for a murder. (imdb)
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    Pier 23
    Private detective finds himself framed for the murders of a wrestler and a crooked referee, then for the murder of a mystery man posing as a new parolee from Alcatraz. (imdb)
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    Roaring City
    A private detective is gets hired for two jobs: the first is to bet on a particular fighter during a fixed boxing match, and the second is to pose as a woman's husband for an evening. Both jobs turn out to be not quite as simple as they appeared to be at first. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Ex-Navy man Steve Kent, struggling to make a living in Macao, is approached by beautiful Vivian Craig. She wants to hire him and his boat to retrieve some medicine from a plane which crashed into the ocean on a flight from Manila. Kent dives at the crash-site but discovers he's been tricked into retrieving a cache of gold bars. He intends to report this cache to authorities but his growing attraction to Vivian soon causes him to change his mind. Vivian's husband, Allan, now appears on the scene.
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