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Hideo Takamatsu

Total Credits at Criticker: 9 (Actor)

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    A Wife Confesses
    A young woman on a mountaineering holiday is accused of murdering her husband. Tied to a mountain between her brutalising spouse and her secret lover, disaster strikes. To prevent all three from plunging to their deaths, the woman is forced to choose between cutting her husband's rope or that of her lover. An elliptical narrative structure shot in Masumura's trademark 'scope explores dark themes of gender, guilt and voyeurism in this blistering film.
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    Kuro no tesuto kaa
    Two car manufacturers spy on each other to try to find out details and prices of a new sports car each is about to launch. (imdb)
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    Nichiro sensô shôri no hishi: Tekichû ôdan sanbyaku-ri
    In 1905, Japan was seriously threatened in the Russo-Japanese War. Japan determined a decisive attack on Russia to end the war. A reconnaissance troop was organized to penetrate into the supreme headquarter of Russia in Tieling Mountain of China to find out the enemy's situation... (DVD Cover)
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    Shogun (1980) - TV Movie
    In the 16th Century, a Dutch ship sails the Pacific from the Americas in order to escape the Spanish. Blackthorn is the pilot of the ship and the first to realize the possibilities of Japan. Japan is a feudal society which has a strong presence of the Portugese. A struggle is in the final stages for who will be the Shogun, the leader who, under the emperor, governs the land.
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    Yakuza gurentai
    A bunch of young angry misfits and hoods who aren't quite up to joining the yakuza, hatch and execute a variety of petty scams. The youngest, a high school student who has a way with women, is approached by a yakuza and asked to spy for them. (sansebastianfestival.com)
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    The Ghost of Yotsuya
    In one of Japan's most frequently-told ghost stories, a murdered wife returns in an act of vengeance. (themoviedb)
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    Samurai Secret Agent
    In order to make him a spy for the government, master swordsman Sakakibara Kazue is wrongfully ordered to commit ritual suicide for overlooking the smuggling of illegal goods. Before his 'Seppuku' can be performed, he is ordered to go undercover with a team of other 'dead' prisoners on a mission to find and destroy a cannon factory being used by the Owari and Takamatsu Clans. As they try to usurp power and gain the position of Shogun for one of their own.
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    The story follows Oshino, a geisha who is trying to start a new life with a lover who is a painter. However, her past filled with debts and pimps catches up to her. (imdb)
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    The Black Report
    After a businessman is murdered, an investigation identifies a suspect who is then put on trial for that crime. (imdb)
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