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Hülya Gülsen Irmak

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Hadi Insallah Hadi Insallah (2014)
Summary: PuCCa is a broadcaster. When she applies for a new job, she meets a man. (imdb)
No Score
Unutursam Fısılda Unutursam Fısılda (2014)
Summary: Ayperi, who plays footbal with the children from the street, discovers her desire to be a singer when she meets the charismatic newcomer to the town, Tarık. Love of music makes them have a trip of fame.
No Score
Ein Augenblick Freiheit Ein Augenblick Freiheit (2008)
Summary: Centers on a group of weary Middle Eastern refugees who have made their way to Turkey to apply for European visas. (imdb)