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Ilhan Daner

Country: Turkey

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Bekaret Kemeri Bekaret Kemeri (1975)
Summary: A tourist guide is exiled to the island. There, he engages with the girls of the island. An erotic comedy.
No Score
Ah bu gençlik Ah bu gençlik (1975)
Summary: The comical adventure of the grandson of a wealthy businessman and a woman he meets on road.
No Score
Lüküs hayat Lüküs hayat (1976)
Summary: Cinema remake of famous cabaret
No Score
Köçek Köçek (1975)
Summary: A romantic drama about an androgynous boy named Caniko (Müjde Ar). One night a mob attempts to rape Caniko, but when they find out he's a boy, they stab him in the genitals. Caniko is taken to a hospital and undergoes a sex change operation. Now, as a trans woman, Caniko starts working as a belly dancer. She meets her buddy Adnan (Mahmut Hekimoğlu), who falls in love with her without recognizing that they are old friends. (Wikipedia)
No Score
Güllü geliyor Güllü Güllü geliyor Güllü (1973)
Summary: Kumcular and Kumcuogullari are two families from the Black Sea region of Turkey and they have a blood feud between them for long years. Güllü (Türkan Soray) comes to Istanbul with his gun to kill Ali (Ediz Hun) from the other family.