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Escoriandoli Escoriandoli (1996)
Summary: A string of bizarre events is unleashed when a woman and her lover have themselves locked up with her husband's corpse. (BFI)
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Il venditore di medicine Il venditore di medicine (2013)
Summary: Bruno is a medical representative. His firm, 'Zafer', is going through a bad period. Bruno is ready to do anything not to lose his job: corrupt doctors, cheat on colleagues, betray the loyalty of those who are closer to him. (ilvenditoredimedicine.it)
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Dolce far niente Dolce far niente (1998)
Summary: This movie depicts the two years that young Stendhal spent in Italy. Stendhal, that time still known simply as Henri Beyle, is living the life of a wanderer, looking for a direction in his life, meeting famous Rossini and falling in love with young widow Giuseppina. A story of love, betrayal and an analysis of women and men's minds and souls. (imdb)
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Romanzo di un giovane povero Romanzo di un giovane povero (1995)
Summary: Unemployed Vincenzo lives on his mother's small pension, his neighbor Bartoloni suffers under the rule of his despotic wife. One night Bartoloni suggests to Vincenzo he could murder Mrs Bartoloni for 30 million lire, but things don't go as planned...
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Nicholas Nicholas' Gift (1998)  - TV Movie
Summary: Fact based drama about an American couple on vacation in Italy in 1994 with their two children who are attacked and shot by highway bandits. Shortly they discover that their son is brain dead. The parents are then faced with the hard decision to donate the boy's organs which ultimately led to saving the lives of seven seriously ill Italian patients. (imdb)
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Napoli velata Napoli velata (2017)
Summary: In a Naples suspended between magic and superstition, madness and rationality, mystery wraps itself around Adriana's life (with the latter played by Mezzogiorno) as it is suddenly devastated by love and a violent crime. (Cineuropa)
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And They Call It Summer And They Call It Summer (2012)
Summary: Dino is a tormented, sexually deviant man who loves his wife Anna madly, but finds having sex with her impossible. He looks for pleasure elsewhere: sees prostitutes and goes to swinging clubs. (www1.zmovie.tw)
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Il ragazzo del pony express Il ragazzo del pony express (1986)
Summary: A youth who has recently graduated can't find a job. One day he unintentionally snatches a bag from a girl and buys a motorbike with the "proceeds" of the theft. Then he begins to work as a mail express courier. At first the girl denounces him then falls in love with him. (imdb)
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The Goodbye Kiss The Goodbye Kiss (2006)
Summary: Giorgio Pellegrini, a former left-wing activist turned terrorist has fled to Central America and fought with a guerrilla movement. Fifteen years later he is fed up with living in the jungle and decides to return to Italy. (imdb)
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Quiet Chaos Quiet Chaos (2008)
Summary: A bereaved Italian executive puts his life on hold to spend his days waiting for his daughter outside her school. Based on a novel by Sandro Veronesi.
No Score
Il seme della discordia Il seme della discordia (2008)
Summary: The beautiful Veronica owns an upscale women's clothing boutique in Naples and has a handsome but faithless husband Mario who is a fertilizer salesman. The man is infertile and the couple is childless. (imdb)
No Score
K K (1997)
Summary: An elderly German tourist is killed in Paris at the hands of Joseph Katz, an old junk dealer beloved by detective Sam Bellamy. Despite witnessing the crime, Sam covers for Joseph, upon which the latter vanishes in mysterious circumstances. (imdb)
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Time for Loving Time for Loving (1983)
Summary: In this nostalgic look back at the 1960s through rose-colored glasses, a group of teens meet and frolic and experience their individual emotional maelstroms at a seaside resort one summer -- and then they meet again two decades later... (Rovi)
No Score
Le bon roi Dagobert Le bon roi Dagobert (1984)
Summary: The King Dagobert's intestinal and sexual problems loom large as he survives an attack on his royal caravan then barely makes it to Rome to personally give thanks to the Pope. After he arrives at the Vatican, he becomes involved in the battle between two contenders for the papacy and has to face the machinations of a ruthless Byzantine princess. (Allmovie)
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Un Giorno perfetto Un Giorno perfetto (2008)
Summary: The story of a woman who tries to take charge of her life and a policeman, her husband, unable to accept the end of his marriage, obsessed by the memory of his wife, his children, his lost family...