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Jamie Bartlett

Total Credits at Criticker: 7 (Actor)

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    Ernest Goes to Africa
    Ernest Goes to Africa (1997) - Direct-to-Video
    The title says it all. There's a mix up involving stolen diamonds which Ernest has (naturally) made into a yo-yo and given to his would be girlfriend, Rene. But Rene wants a man of action, and doesn't think that Ernest fits the bill. After the bad guys come looking for the stolen diamonds and kidnap Rene, all of her fantasies come true as Ernest has to go to Africa to rescue her.
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    Bravo Two Zero
    This is the true story of the most highly decorated British patrol since the Boer war: an eight man SAS team inserted behind Iraqi lines during the Gulf War in January 1991... (imdb)
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    12 Days of Terror
    July of 1916 was a time of record heat, a polio epidemic, and a World War in Europe. But beachgoers in New Jersey are threatened by a even greater terror: a shark that has suddenly developed a taste for human flesh... (imdb)
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    Prey (2007) - Direct-to-Video
    An American family on holiday in Africa becomes lost in a game reserve and stalked by lions. (imdb)
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    Red Dust
    Police officer Dirk Hendricks (Bartlett) files an amnesty application for Alex Mpondo (Ejiofor), a member of the South African Parliament who can't remember the torture he once endured as a captive political activist. South African-born attorney Sarah Barcant (Swank), meanwhile, returns to her homeland to represent Mpondo, as well as Steve Sizela, Mpondo's friend who arrested along with him and never heard from again. (imdb)
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    The Revenger
    When saxophonist Mike Teller's brother Mackie is killed before being able to deliver $500,000 to mob boss Jack Fisher, Mike is arrested as an accomplice and thrown into prison for five years. Upon his release, he finds Fisher has kidnapped his wife, Lisa, believing Mike has the stolen drug money. With the help of Mackie's old Vietnam war buddy, Harry Crawford, Mike and Harry rescue Lisa, but now have to escape the clutches of the mob in Harry's remote cabin. (imdb)
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    Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
    A chronicle of Nelson Mandela's life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of South Africa. (imdb)
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